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Thank You All So Much, I Am Grateful To Have Found Such A Warm Caring Community

I just wanted to catch up on my messages pertaining to the last blog entry expressing my loneliness. In the past I had a dog, he was my best friend so I named him Diamond. Oh, he was my baby and we took care of each other in a remarkable pet/master relationship. He was a mixed breed solid black Chow Chow/ German Shepard dog that I adopted when he was about 7 weeks old. I knew he was meant for me when I looked into his big brown eyes and he used his little paws to grip my arm when I picked him up. My baby was with me over 14 years. I was so devastated as was my mother and youngest brother we all loved him and he was a member of the family. On the holidays my mother would prepare him a plate, she would separate all of his food as if she were feeding another and she dared me to mix it up. She proclaimed that he was a I honestly think he was. From day one he was so smart and intelligent. When I would go to the mailbox if he wanted to play he would wait until I got the mail and on my way back to the house he'd grab it and run circles around me and I'd stand there laughing and waiting on him to give it back and believe it or not he would stop and lift his mouth as if giving me the mail back, I'd take it and go on about my business. Oh those were the true days of happiness for me. He spoiled me so that I told my mother I didn't think another dog could take his place. I can not tell a lie I spoiled him rotten, he was the only dog in the neighborhood that had toys lying around everywhere and a doghouse with carpet inside not to mention on extremely hot summer days and nights he would drink ice water, he preferred it to regular tap water and he ate popsicles...oh how I miss my baby but I have plenty of photos of him, he was so gorgeous.

Since his death I have started working on my "artistic" ideas again. I'm glad that it was suggested that I try my hand at hobbies because that's what I'm considering. I used to make decorated hatboxes and sell them. I would embellish them with flowers and butterflies,ribbons, and pearls. I know that total preoccupation is going to be the real key to distract my mind from the loneliness that surrounds me and so I have been looking for my craft supplies to start working on them again. Now it all comes down to ideas, which I already have in mind. I do want to thank each of you that responded to my last are greatly appreciated! I'll begin my hatboxes and share some photos.

Many hugs to you all!

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hi so glad that you feeling a bit more positive but dont worry we all have times like that we cant be up beat all the time some days we really do feel miserable and cant help it

when i fel like that i write it on here and normally get a big kick up the bum and you all pull me out of it lol

i also always say to my partner and kids i am miserable today so they know its not them it is just one of my days lol love to you diddle x


its sad when you lose your buddy glad you taking up an interest . that helps xx


Hi. I don't think I saw your last post, but it sounds like plenty of people did, and obviously it made a difference to you, which is great.

I'm so sorry to hear you lost your lovely dog. I too lost my dog a couple of years ago after 10 years of loving him. The house was so empty without him around and it took me a long time to adjust. I still have my 2 cats but they're getting old now. I dread the day they pass away. My oldest is 17 in a couple of months; he was born just a couple of months after I got married (we had his Mum) so he's been my baby from the day he was born. It was our 17th wedding anniversary yesterday, by-the-way!

It sounds like you have a very creative mind, and that's a great thing to work with. I look forward to seeing some examples of your work, and really hope it helps you cope with things a bit better.


Carolanne. xx


I'm so sorry you lost your lovely dog/buddy. They are so much part of the family, it's a proper bereavement when we lose them isn't it.

I'd love to see pics of your work too, hope you can immerse yourself in your projects.

Sue xxx


Aw your dog sounds just like mine used to be. He had loads of toys and a plush bed but preferred to sleep with us. He also preferred human food to dog food and loved iced water in the summer. Its so sad when they go isn't it, I havn't had another one cos I don't feel able to devote the time to one that I would need to but I do miss him.

Good luck with your hobbies, its good to be able to do something useful with our time and be creative. Looking forward to seeing your photos when they are ready.

Take care, Love Angela xx


I didn't catch your last post, but totally understand how your feel. I have found the site above to be really helpful, its a bit like this one, but for pet owners who want to share their stories. There are all sorts of things that you can do on there. Hope you don't mind me sharing it with you xx I have lost a cat recently and this site really helped me.

Gentle hugs, Tracy xx

PS there is music on there, so if you don't want to hear it, turn your volume down on your pc before it loads!


Thanks everyone for the comments. Thank you MissKittycat for the suggestion of the pet owner's grief website. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate being here.


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