Hey everyone,

Today has been one of them achy hurting day's, so hubby went into town and brought me a massive tub of Epsom salts and magnesium citrate - never tried these before. So even though today sucks I'm feeling hopeful these will work/help? Plus side I'm enjoying a lazy day and had a not so pleasant shoulder and top of back sports massage - I have shoulder muscles like a body builder there that solid LOL

Hope your all ok and relaxing :-)

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  • Hope the Epsom salts bath helps it has been my saviour many a time. I get great big bags of the stuff very cheaply off the internet and it is a wonderful quality. The acupuncturist at the clinic said she swore by it and she does marathons and uses it to help her aching muscles after a long run. She told me to just buy the bog standard stuff as it is cheaper and does the same as the expensive ones so i took her advice and she was right.

    Let us know how you get on and if it helps.x

  • Hi rosewine,

    I honestly feel more ease after my soak with Epsom salts. Great thanks for the advise I will have a look around then next time I buy them, I think my chap paid about 9 quid from Holland and barrats did we get ripped off LOL?

    do you use the salts daily? X

  • You should be able to get about 15kg for about £16 on Amazon I actually had it from a Garden supplier but it was food grade stuff and lovely and fine and dissolved wonderfully. You could always buy bags and then refill your tub as it will go a bit lumpy if you don;t keep the air out. I always use one of those big plastic clips to keep mine airtight.

    I don't tend to use it daily but I can;t see why you couldn;t if it suits your skin. I think it is usually recommended to be used about three times a week but as I say it is whatever suits you. A couple of cup fulls normally does the trick. I find it works best for me if I have those horrible deep aching muscle pain and then its relaxing properties with the warm water seems to really ease it. I always say even if we only get respite from the pain whilst we are soaking it is sometimes just enough to take that terrible edge of the pain and enable us to cope.

    Alot of people on this site swear by magnesium supplements and of course when you have an Epsom salt bath the magnesium is absorbed into your skin. I never use soap when I am in one of those baths as I read somewhere (can;t remember where) that it can stop some of the the absorbtion. It also acts as a detoxifier.

    Whilst I am in I massage all my muscles and do gentle stretching exercises as it always seems easier in the warm water. They say if you have arthritis as well to keep the joints gently moving afterwards if you can as that helps but don;t do anything strenous for about two hours afterwards to get the best benefits not that any of us are going to be doing any marathons any time soon.x

  • That made me giggle - no marathons for us....... :-)

    Fingers crossed the magnesium helps. I do hope it does even if just eases the muscles so I don't feel like iv slept on a bed of rocks! Xxx

  • Hello, I am interested in Epsom salts in my baths. Do you guys know if it will effect my eczema? X

  • Hi, it says on the label it's good for eczema :-) I have really sensitive skin and eczema and I was after my bath.


  • Ooo lovely! I will be looking on Amazon on pay day. Thanks for the tip :-) xx

  • Anything that helps cope hey :-)

    Hope you have a restful night.


  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

  • Thank you Ken :-)

  • Oh I tend to disagree with the comments about no marathons now......i often have a marathon. ..oops they are now called snickers ! Enjoy the chocolate x

  • Hahaha I do love snickers :-)

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