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Another trip to my GP today to ask for a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon as I am in so much pain in my knee which of course triggers off all the leg and back muscles so am feeling very sorry for myself.

So I decided to think of something positive and thought of my Kindle which I got last year when I had my fourth shoulder operation.

I am a book lover ( books lying all over the house!!!) and didn't want one but a friend suggested getting one because they are easier to manage when you have painful arms or shoulders (despite all the surgery neither of mine are right)

Best thing I ever did - if my left shoulder hurts I can hold it in my right hand and vice versa. I love the way you can adjust the print size and because the screen isn't too bright and I can have fewer words on a page I find it easier to concentrate. Was worried about buying the books, but all the classics are free and there are loads of cheap ones as well.

Now off to try and tidy up the kitchen and sort the washing. Think that will be more than enough for today.


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  • Good luck at the doctors Caroline. Sorry you're in so much pain.

    I didn't want a kindle but am beginning to wonder if I should get one. I've got no idea how they work. I'm finding it hard, I only read in bed and my hand and arm really ache holding the books.

    Sue x

  • Hi Sue

    Speaking as one who was the generation that started work before photocopiers. I can say that they are dead easy to use if you just want to read off them (I think you can do highlights and other things but I only use of for reading) And Amazon customer services are second to none if you need any help.

    I think I just registered mine put in the wi fi numbers and then you go to Amazon go through the kindle books, click on the one you want to buy and then within seconds the book is downloaded! There are buttons on either side which you just click to turn the page. They are ideal for reading in bed.

    Also forgot - for a monthly fee you can download audio books from Audible which is a branch of Amazon.

    Caroline x

  • I was ok till you got to the wi fi bit Caroline LOL :) I'm almost 60 so not good with these modern things anymore. Think I'd just read off it if I get one.

    I'll have a look on Amazon - did you buy yours from there?

    Thanks :)

    Sue xx

  • Yes got mine from Amazon. They are very helpful if you need any help and customer service is freephone!

    When's your birthday? My old man had his 60th in March and mine is on 19th May.

    Caroline x

  • Are they reliable though Caroline? I've heard a few bad things about them - but only a few. I'm liking customer service already! lol

    I'm 60 on 12th August. I think I'm going to la la la my way through that day! It's not happening la la la! :)

    Sue xx

  • Oh, forgot to ask, if I get the cheaper one, £89, is it worth it? x

  • No t sure - that wasn't available when I bought mine - I have the keyboard one which is no longer available (unless you get the mpg version which is very expensive!) . I have a feeling that the £89 may not have a wall charger. Probably best to call Amazon.

    I have realised today that age is catching up with me - not long to go. I live in Surrey but my relatives live in Scotland so we are going to go up for a few days and spend a couple of days with them and then a few more on our own. Would have preferred to stay here but my son wants to introduce his girlfriend to my family and there won't be any more get together for a while,

    Have you any plans for yours?


  • I'm terrible with this fibro, I can't concentrate on anything and would rather say oh *** it lol. I'll have a look tomorrow, it's my day off. I'll have more time to concentrate. Well, try to anyway lol.

    Having said that I've got the dentist and somewhere else I can't remember right now :(

    Oooh, that's a long way, Surrey to Scotland. Are you going by car??

    Be nice to spend some time on your own. Nice for your son to introduce his girlfriend to them as well.

    Don't think I have any plans, I'd like to rest, this working is getting to me and wearing me out. Might go and see my husband but I think rest is on the cards for me. with a large vodka :)

    Sue x

  • Good luck at the docs, i hope they will be helpful.

    My stepmam has one and she is disabled and she said its the best prezzi she has ever had. :)

    HUgs, kel xxxx

  • How's yuor Mum in law Kel?

    Sue xxx

  • HI sue sorry i have been out and just got back.

    She isnt very well sue, i am so worried about her. She bounced back when she had her other hip done but this time its so different.

    Its not helping my fibro one bit but i just want her to come home so we can look after her, i hate her being up there on her own.

    They wont let visitors in through the day so it will be really long days for her.

    Thankyou for asking sue. :)

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Aw, I'm so sorry love. Hopefully she will improve quicker when she gets home, bless her. Can't believe they don't have visiting during the day, they must all be going mad up there! Is it because she's not well?

    You look after yourself as well!! xxxx

  • yes they are great i can hide in my bed and not have to adjust my position when i turn the page . my best Christmas present ever

  • Right, I'm going to look at them :)

  • hi hope you feel better soon i got akindle for christmas best thing ever for fibro sufferes wh o like to read fantastic so anyone got a birthday coming up start leaving hints lol love to you diddle x

  • I'm going to have a search tonight Diddle. Mind you, I'm so shattered after having the kids all day I might have to leave it till morning :).


  • must say I love my kindle, my kids bought it 4 me as part of my mothers day presents and I wonder why never got 1 sooner. They r so easy 2 use and far easier 2 manage than book especially if u suffer a lot of shoulder pain like I do. They r so easy 2 download books 2 and theres lots of free books and special offers on Amazon. Was looking on ebay last nite and saw lot of offers for kindle books, they were advertising 5000 r 10000 books for few pound. Has anyone bought these and were they any good. Think I might try them and see cos as say they were only between £2 and £5 if I remember properly xx

  • kindles are brillant i have one and wouldnt be with out one .i only have the basic model which is enough for me . it so light and you can get so many books on it magazines as well. sorry to hear your porly hope every thing gos ok for you love mandy

  • Ok, so as a kindle virgin :( :) what shall I look for please?

    I have no idea how to even start or how you get books etc.

    thanks xxx

  • Sue, u can pick up Kindle in lot of places so u can see what ur buying. I just have the £89 version but it has everything I need. Go on Amazon and u can buy all sorts of books and they r delivered 2 ur kindle in mins, they also have different offers everyday as well as lots of free books. Must admit I wanted kindle cos love reading but lot of books r so heavy 2 hold especially when ur in lot of pain and now I wonder how I did without it 4 so long. I pop mine in my bag whenever I have doc app, hospital app etc cos its so light and handy especially when sitting in packed waiting room. Would highly recommend it 2 everyone, even hubbys talking bout getting 1 now xx

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