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Quality of life

Hi everyone I'm a newbie to the forum,although I have been reading the post every day since about March.Ive just plucked up the courage to write my first post. I was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia 2years ago although I think I've had it since 2006.I have arthritis in both knees and am now suffering from hip pain which is probably the start of arthritis.I am finding things very difficult at the moment. I work part time which I just manage I work in a school so we get lots of holidays. , by the time I get home and sit down I go extremely stiff, my knees are more painfiul and the fatigue is dreadful. I can't seem to distinguish which is giving me most pain?I wonder "why me" ? I always had a lot of upper body pain with FYbromyalgia and used to say to myself( thank god my legs are fine) not any more it's so depressing.I wish I could turn back the clock.

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Hello there

I just wanted to wish you a very warm welcome to our lovely forum and well done for plucking up the courage to write your first post 😊

I joined this forum around three years ago. It is by far one of the very best things I've have ever done. Everyone here knows how you feel and we all support each other as much as we possibly can, even if it's only to send a hug.

I personally have had Fibro for over 30 years, but it has got substantially worse since a trauma I suffered a couple of years ago. Up until then I had worked all my life and had two children.

Randomly my neighbour has Fibro too. She suffers more with fatigue and I suffer most with pain. We had a cup of tea together this afternoon and were saying exactly what you have said in your post, about how we long for the days when we could hold down a job and do so much more.

Your feelings of why me are extremely common and I think that the majority of us can identify with those feelings.

You may well have already found more information, but if not have a look at

I look forward to seeing you around 😊


Lu xx



Welcome to the forum. There are lots of supportive people here with a wealth of info mixed with humour and banter. I feel for you as I too have osteoarthritis in my knees, hips and most other joints now. Fibro and other conditions too. Fibro is so unforgiving don't you think. Just when we think we're coping with one symptom, another comes along to add to the misery. I used to be a special needs assistant but had to look for a less challenging job as couldn't cope with the physical aspect of the role. Miss it loads. Are you on any meds to help with both conditions? It seems it depends on which healthcare professional you see as to how much help you get. Glad you've decided to post and hope to 'see' you around the forum.x


Hi there,

I joined not long ago, there seems to be lots of lovely people here who are encouraging. Sorry to that things are difficult for you, I hope you have more better days ahead, than bad ones. The weather has not helped.

Regards Pearl.


Just like to say welcome to this lovely supportive forum. Yes so many of us have been through the same emotional cycle as yourself. Certain pain we seem to be able to tolerate better than others but I have to say that the lower back and hip pain is the one that proves most challenging for me as it affects so many aspects of our life.

I am sure we get more fatigue when the pain is bad as trying to carry on when every movement is painful and difficult is bound to drain us and unfortunately it is a vicious circle as the more fatigued we are the more we are in pain. Like others have mentioned I to find that certain weather conditions seem to adversely affect the pain.

I am glad that you have a job that does give you quite a few breaks in the year to recover but it still must be hard when you are actually working.

It has taken me a long time to start accepting more that this is the reality of my life and try to find pleasure in what I can do rather than mourning for what I can't but I am no saint and still find it very difficult most days. I think it is most difficult when i am with a group of friends who are all the same age as me and are still either doing jobs or are retired and living life to the full with very few health problems who even though I am sure they try to do their best to be emphatic can;t really understand who it affects my life. I do actually feel more comfortable with the couple of friends I have who have their own health problems as even though they don't have the same condition know how having an illness can impinge on daily life.

I wish I had a magic wand that I could wave and turn back the clock for all of us. At least here you will be able to freely share any concerns and hopefully get support and encouragement. keep in touch with us all.x

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I join you in spell casting and the warm welcome. It is great to have new people joining us.!

Welcome and see you about !!




Thanks for your lovely posts .I am on 30mgs of Amytriptiline, up until last week I was also on naproxen, but Dr has told me to stop the Naproxen and put me on Gabapentin to see if it helps .Of course I'm getting fatter by the day because I barely have the energy to walk very far.

Thank you all for posts


Hi again

I just wanted to mention that weight gain is a side effect of Gabapentin. I'm not sure whether you knew?

Take it easy xx


Hi bluemermaid1, thank you I did know that I've been refusing to go on Gabapentin for a long time, weight gain was putting me off! Desperate now though!!


Glad you already know. Forewarned is forearmed or some such thing!! As you already know you can be aware and watch out for it. I didn't know but learnt the hard way 😳

Hope you didn't mind me mentioning it xx


Hello and a very warm welcome my friend,

I am fairly new here myself. I 'v found this site a wealth of knowledge and people who really care for one another. It's simply the best place to be for support and a cuddle.

Hope to chat to you again.

A huge hug from all of us incredable people xxxxxxx


Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I sincerely hope that you find the forum useful, informative and loads of fun! I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi C14. Welcome. You don't have to post as you know to reap the benefits of this great forum, but it's always nice to hear a new voice join in. I have received lots of support when I needed it (still do) and given it when I can. I'm sorry you're having such pain and sorrow. It's understandable.

I also have hip and knee pain (as well as other pain) and got really mad this morning when I walked my dog and my knees started bothering me way before I expected. I'm a rollerblader, hiker, and love bouldering, but I should say I "was" those things. It's hard to accept.

Yeah, this illness ain't no fun, but we try to find ways to cope and find ways to have fun. Coming on here to share with others who understand really does help. You can get lots of ideas from others on how to do the coping and what works for them.

Gabapentin has helped me. The hip spasms I was having everytime I got up from an easy chair or often just on turning my body are almost not happening. My back pain is some better, but I'm still pretty limited in how much I can do before it gets me. I still use pain meds when I need them though I tend to suffer too long before I take them because I'm just too stubborn to give in.

One of the things I have really learned here is to pace myself. Does your employer know that you need extra breaks, maybe more sitdown time and such to help you get through the day? I'm glad you only have to work part time. I hope you get plenty of time to do some recovering and learn new ways to enjoy yourself!


Hello thanks for your nice reply.My employer does know but with a bit of a fight and help from union rep I am able to rest when I need to.I am lucky I have my own room as I am the school auxiliary nurse, so have my own things, pc,desk,chair,kettle,microwave and toilet! I know longer feel ". scared when I sit down"which is a lot!! I still don't think management believe me though. But I'm at the don't care stage.


I like the "I don't care" attitude. The older I get the less I care what others think.

It wasn't until my last few working years as a respiratory therapist that I could take on the surgeons and SICU nurses and feel like I wasn't on an inferior level to them.

Glad you didn't have to wait as long as I did to come to that realization.


I have fibromyalgia to. I was working part time back in December to February. When I get home and set down I never like to get up because I hurt way to much. I very could walk because of the pain. Back in February I was in the hospital for few days because I was having dizziness and light headed. When I got out my boss let me go. Now I stay home and going to doctors to get my health better. I will be praying for you to be heal. God bless you.


Thank you so much x


Hi,I'm new to the site as well,so if you need to chat ,just ask for

lovely Redhead, I'm JACQUI ,iv had ME for 16yrs an FIBRO for 5yrs,but I got hit by a car 10yrs ago ,giving a man CPR,

That really did change my life.

But I'm still here ,lucky for me.

But if you do need a chat, I'm here for you ,

Take care.

Big Huggs.



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