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33 on Tuesday going on 73 :( reaction to suicide of fellow fm sufferer

Hi guys

i know i dont use this site very often as try to just get on with it without moaning as no one understands (except u guys)

But at the moment i am really low :(

I am 33 on Tuesday which has depressed me as feel like i am 73 at the mo, embarrasssed as my 60 yr old mum can physically do more with me, and has to help me with my 1 and 5 yr old :(

ALSO a fellow fm sufferer took his life as he couldnt cope anymore! i went to school with him, and although he had other mental issues too, the pain was his last straw :(

i am really low as in agony ! i am on Butrans Morphine patches and slthoygh great in summer , they are not being so effective right now!

My back, pelvis and ribs are jammed, knees swollen, neck stiff and my fatigue is chronic :(

I have sports massage and see osteopath regularly but seem to need it daily as it just seems incurable at the moment :(

I hate and never moan so here it is all at once ten fold desperate for some support and knowledge i am not alone with my pain xxx

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Wow you are certainly not alone with your pain- we all feel for you it is ghastly but well done you dont moan you just get on with it and then suddenly it is unbareable and here you are - take comfort we are with you hugs from me (((((((((((((())))))))))) xgins


thankyou xxxx


hello victoria happy birthday for tuesday and sorry to hear bout your friend I feel sometimes the fatigue is just as bad as the pain hope you feel better soon take care sweetheart love beth x

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hi victoria, happy birthday for tuesday!

I'm sorry about your friend, but please don't dwell on it, we all deal with things in our own way and, sadly he chose suicide, you must look after yourself.

I have a "little lady who does", she's like billy wizz! She doesn't walk, she runs.

She's leaving in january as she's going to be 65!

hugs, {{x}}



Hi sandra, not quite sure why i am confused about your comment lol

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You mentioned your mum being more able than you at 60. I was showing how my cleaner is older and more active than me.



oh lol x


Thanks Beth i said the same thing that pain i can deal with fatigue i cant :( hugs back x


Thanks Beth i said the same thing that pain i can deal with fatigue i cant :( hugs back x


Victoria, HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Tuesday, I hope you manage to have a lovely day! :)

Have you updated your GP over how you feel regarding your Fibro, your symptoms etc!? It would be worth popping along to discuss this as they could help you. It's good to occasionally have a meds review too because our Fibro can change along with our symptoms and sometimes our meds won't work as effectively when this happens.

Please see your GP as this could make a big difference to how you are managing your Fibro at present. Your symptoms sound intense and you shouldn't have to suffer like this.

Please let us know how you get on. :)

(((hug))) xxx



Hi libs

My GP is lovely but wont touch my meds, just my rhemutologist who it takes a year to see :(

i just have to put up with it and keep on going :(

I shouldnt moan as life could be worse! i work with children 0-5 with severe disabilities and that brings me back to life with a bump x


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