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Please add your comments : What helps you live with FMS??

I had made a list of things that help me: Hope this helps :)


Steam rooms

Hot baths


Heat pads


Gluten free diet

tens machine


colonic irrigation


B12 supplements ( have been tested by Dr and have low b12) consult your Dr for advice or test

Vit D supplements

Sunshine ( vit d connection maybe??)

Of course i use this is alongside a Drug regime and pain relief cream called Capasaicin applied to all pressure points three times a day.

Support from partner , family and friends too :)

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Laughter, you've got to keep those spirits high and keep smiling no matter how bad it is.

Knock Knock!

Whose there?


Boo, who?

Don’t cry, your brain will come out of the fog eventually!


things that help me cope is gentle massages ,swimming in warm water,hot a holiday so you have something to look forward to,being with my family.and staying positive.


I find my family help me to cope with fibro.


I live alone and am just so grateful when friends and family pop in for a cuppa and a good laugh. I am also very thankfull for the days when I can manage to reach my house door and make a few steps down the garden path. Far too rare but heaven itself when I can do so. Wish I could get out more as swimming would be nice but wouldn,t be able to sit long enough for the journey. I do have contact with a support group but never been able to meet them but all are very nice by email or telephone. I think besides laughter is never forgetting that somebody is worse than yourself. Best Wishes to you all


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