Feeling very down

Morning everyone just need to let off a bit of steam!! Not sleeping even though the doctor upped my tablets,now my mouth feels so sore.it was my daughter's 29th birthday yesterday so went down to see her with cake but was in so much pain, today my granddaughter has a leaving assembly,as she is going to secondary school September,she is singing in it and she wants me to go.she doesn't have a dad and me and my husband have been involved very much with her growing up. But I am so tired and pains in leg and wrists and shoulders if I take my tramadol it makes me a bit spaced out,and I wouldn't make it there. I really have to go as she is only 11 and over the last 4 years while I was battling cancer she would sit with me on the bed waching dvds, told me when I lost my long hair that I was still the same Nan

She has watched me through losing boob,and been an angel and got me through it she was one of the things I kept fighting for.so I have to go.she thinks I am better now I'm just feel I've run out of fight!!!

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  • Sorry to hear life is so tough at the moment. Try to get to your granddaughter's school as she will remember and needs your support and also you are bound to get more depressed staying at home.

    Gentle hugs and sending extra umph :-)

  • Thanks yea just trying to get moving,and get to the shower I will drag myself there wouldn't let her down!!! Need that extra umps lol trace

  • Go and have a great day. Can you take a lower dose of medicine ?

  • Well thanks for the kind words and umps I DID IT!! I dragged myself to the shower my daughter straightened my hair and we took a taxi. And I watched my granddaughters assembly, I was so proud of her. I then had a sleep and then watched her get ready for her red carpet leavers party she looked lovely. So thanks!! Trace😃

  • Well done, x

  • She will love to see you! Try and have a little fun too. Take it as easy as you can. Gentle hugs and some more uumphs for you today.

  • Hello

    I was going to say the same as Betty. Can you take a lower dose of medicine to see you through?

    I do hope you manage to get there.

    Sending you love and extra ooomphs :)

    Lu xx

  • You know you have and can do it, it's ok for a little despondency to flick across your mind it's natural but the key word is 'flick'. You know the routine now and know a better day will come, love yourself and your achievements look after yourself know your limitations on any given day and that's ok 👍you are blessed with a loving family you have been able to share your life with they wouldn't expect you to push beyond your limitations, stay strong love yourself and count your blessings, do not let guilt or negativity pull you down you can only do what you can do ... and again thats fine. Others have commented and know more on the medical advice side I would just like encourage you in yourself my thoughts and prayers are with you. 🙏 😆😆

  • Big soft hugs .try and go it will do you both good .

  • Thanks to everyone for the words of encouragement today, I did what I really wanted to do and although I am exhausted I'm so glad I went. THANKS again!!! Trace x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of your struggle, and of your suffering and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. It may help to have a frank discussion with your GP or Medical Specialist about how you are feeling both physically and emotionally and see what they can offer you in the line of help and assistance.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • THANKS Ken, I have been back to my GP only went on Monday,she is good it was her that sent me to a rheumatologist. I told her how I was feeling she suggested having a holiday,but as I pointed out getting up all night and still waiting for pip answer. I feel as though I shouldn't


    I am still here, what is a lot of pain to cancer.


  • Morning milo4. I just wanted to send you gentle hugs and thinking of you and so hope you managed to see your granddaughter leaving assembly. Thinking of you. Deb x

  • Hi deb yes I got there with my daughter's help and a taxi lol.I also stayed at my daughter's for the afternoon and managed to see her get ready for her mini prom, I am feeling it today but it was worth it and my granddaughter looked lovely and so grown up 11 going on 18. She is very grown up and we are very close.she has lost my mum to cancer who she was very close to then a few months later, my mum's mum died then I was diagnosed and I think she worried so much.but every weekend and holidays she came to ours and helped me keep going,their is a big gap with my grandchildren 11,3,2,1. Thanks for the hugs Trace x

  • Brilliant news trace. I always feel better if I ache for a reason. Children are a great antidote. Relax and stay steady. Speak soon. Hugs Deb xx

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