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Feeling down

Hi guys first of all thanks to everyone for your help on my blood results I find just asking for some advice on here and getting answers help,so thanks again.

Today has been a bad day feeling very sore all over,made myself get out of bed and done some housework, silly me thought, it's a lovely day Lizzie get ur butt in gear and get some work done,how wrong was I been with that decision.

I'm now extremely sore even after pain killers,hot bath and it's the first time I've been in tears with fibro,after I was told that's what I have I didn't cry !! but today for some reason it's getting to me. I have to go for phisio to see what they can do to help ie: with regard to aids walking stick,crutches I do not think they will offer me a wheel chair to use on my really bad days.

I'm getting so fed up being in pain all the time, and I'm getting so annoyed with myself for feeling like this, after all fibro ain't gonna kill me and it could be worse,I know.

Thanks for listening to my rant need to get it out.

Hope you get a good sleep all.


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Hi Lizzie57

I am so genuinely sorry to read of much you are struggling and suffering today, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. Fibro can be a very cruel and unforgiving illness, and it can really take it out of you emotionally I am afraid to day.

Please have a good rest and pace yourself when you do things and hopefully you may feel a bit better. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

As for the physiotherapist, I genuinely hope that your appointment goes really well for you. Wheelchairs are usually dispatched by the ''Rehabilitation'' department at your local hospital, so it may be worth asking for a referral if you wanted to go on a waiting list for one?

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hi Lizzie,

I can understand your tears, they are frustration!

I collapsed in a heap of tears on my bed after trying to put fresh sheet and duvet cover on, I was sore, tired and had no idea why and it all got to me. Went to the GP and she told me that I had Fibro, all the others had told me it was one thing or another or just my age. Imagine my surprise when I saw my note a lot of months later when printed in bold letters was 'onset of depression' I was so annoyed. Yes, I probably was verging on depression but it was because I was constantly tired and sore, I wasn't me! and on that particular day I cried. I have not cried since but I am sure I will at some point, because sometimes it helps. Sometimes it is a good way of getting rid of the negative energy that pulls us down and sometimes we just need a rant to others who understand what we are all going through :) So rant if you need to :) then go and look at the funnies to cheer yourself up again, it works every time for me :)

I hope you are feeling better today :)


No fibro is not going to kill us. It is not a death sentence but it is a life sentence and i think that is what upsets us most.

We all get upset from time to time, quite often over something trivial and it is understandable.

Being in a lot of pain is not a trivial thing so crying defo acceptable. Take a rest for a few days and maybe see your GP to see if he can help , change of pain killers perhaps

Hope that you are feeling better this morning.

Gentle hugs sue. :)

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the thing with it is it might not kill you/be a killer but it's what's round it that does ie chain of commands.

Just like falling off a cliff or non working parachute neither will kill you but it's that landing that does!

but it's the fall/non working parachute that sets up the chain of events ending in the landing/death!

so that's where the problems start as your not living your life as your body is designed to and it's the things round fibro that it caused to become a problem that shorten your life one reason it's been in the States re named or what they call it as a lifetime disease of the central nervous system.

My sister has Kidney problems now from it for one now if not caught right that's a death sentence as there is one lady on here that was in a coma over it with kidneys etc.

But in the UK it's just stiff upper lip don't you know chummies! where as other countries like USA/OZ have worked on it and are far ahead of here in research as they have found in OZ it interferes with your hormone system do they say that here? NO just say ho it's just a pain thing/in your head!


Yes i could have pointed out all these things, but im sure that she already knows. Here in the uk we learn these things but for the sake of our sanity push them to the back of our minds until we need the info stored there.

There was nothing to gain in pointing these things out and could have made things worse.

I am not criticising you in any way, we all have our own way of dealing with things.

I hope that you are well today.

hugs sue :)


Funnily enough I am feeling just like you - fed up with the pain and annoyed with myself for feeling like this.

Just been to the doctors and she is giving me tramodal to try helping with pain, sending me for counselling and some physio.

She also said I must try to go out more, as it will help with feeling miserable, perhaps join an aqua class, even if I only do 10 minutes. I know what she says is right, but it is finding the will to do it!

Hope you feel less angry with yourself - and I will try too! 🌻


Just posted to commiserate as if we are honest there won't be anyone who has read your post who isn't nodding their head and thinking that was me the other day. Sometimes we just bottle things up until they just have to find an outlet which what having a good cry is. The pain can absolutely wear you down and somedays it seems just an endless circle of pain and fatigue. It is also the case of us having to adjust to the new us which takes a bit of doing but you are getting there by considering of having equipment which will make your life easier. Onwards and upwards as they say.

You have learnt one unfortunate but valuable lesson if you feel like that when you wake up and try to get out of bed instead of pushing yourself try the gentler approach and try to have an easy day. Do the little jobs like sorting paperwork, making those phone calls that you have been meaning to make or even just come on here and have a trawl through Pets Corner or Comedy Corner as you are bound to feel better.

Be gentle with yourself. Try to get some rest tonight and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.x


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