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my story update

thought i would update anyone who has been reading my posts ; went to the hospital yesterday for a second opinion with a gyne as the first one didnt go good i came out in tears. ive had fibro for over 10yrs but only diagnoised bout 5yrs main symton violent pains in thigh grion and pelvis has every med,injection,patch and morphine med going currently been on zapain for over 5yrs this gives a little relief after all this treatment ow and several scans and mris and internals etc the first gyne decided i had endo and that i had 1 overay stuck down and adhesions i was put on mini pill and sent away .to yesterday differant consultant quick chat about my history and him telling me i had been in pain and had this problem for a long time i felt like saying "no shit sherlock " he then said he wanted to examine me so he did inside and out and boy did it hurt i nearly shot of the bed ,conclusion to all of this its my womb playing up agravated ,plan of action 3 1month injections if it inproves my symtoms then a hysterrectomy is the next move thankyou to those that have been following me over the years and for reading my updates i will keep you all posted take care everyone joanne x

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I hope it works out for you, it is horrible being pushed from pillar to post and never really getting an answer :)


Hay hun. I had bleefing ovarian cysts & went through 2 years of fighting! Lost so much weight i was nearly hospitalized with malnutrision & dehidration. I had to have 9 months of stomach inplants to make me menopausal ( dry run to hysterectomy) which stopped the pain. So had a full abdominal hystetectomy in the summer holidays last year. Now 2 weeks ago was told that all my problems that started 10 years ago were all becaus3 of fmd! But one thing i can say is the desision to go ahead with the hysterectomy way definitly THE BEST THING IVE EVER DONE!!

Good luck hun.



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Hi joed

I genuinely and sincerely hope that it all works out well for you. I know from your other posts that you have suffered a great deal with this and it is time that you found some resolution and relief to this problem.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I suffered immense pain like you and mine is due to a lump inside . And when I have my menstrual cycle it aggravates it . Mine is monitored and if it continues to grow eventually they wi think about a hysterectomy too for me but at the minute it's a no for me, just napraxen ..or whatever it is called... Well done on getting someone place and hope the help continues for you ... Good luck xx


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