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New outlook & hopefully new results

Hey all

Just an update really. Have been to and fro from doctors for weeks. They were just putting me on stronger and stronger blooming pills. These still did nothing and the only thing that changed was the side effects which ended up with me asleep ALL THE TIME. Anyway

I decided enough is enough. I saw the GP yesterday and decided no more prescription med for a while. I've got a great book (ill update with the title later) which I've been reading for a week which helps make sense of some of fibro and I'm feeling ok. Still in pain etc but at least I know that's just HOW I am. Not because of meds. And it really is lovely not to constantly worry about what prescription I'm going to run out of. Will keep you all in the loop

With hope and love


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Well it isworth you tryingthat and at least you one it theright way with your doctors backing and at leat if things get too much you can go back and hey will re instate all your meds so why not give it a go i would i may be tmpted myself if i see how you get on well good luck and keep us informed in may take ma good few weeks to do butm you go for it love diddle xxxx


I did something similar years back. I have introduced the meds again but now know the benefits/downside of each and feel more in control. Good luck xx


Hi all,I feel like that, in my head it can't be that difficult to manage without prescription drugs , she says,I'm giving it a go tho, sick of meds and side affects, and what happens when you miss them, it be good to be in control of the body and listen to it, no doubt knowing me il be back on them shortly !!!!! But il give it a good go, take care all

Nicki xxx


I have stopped all meds as well,and to be honest,I am coping with the fibro pain doing swimming and hot jacuzzi 3or4 times per week, pacing myself with chores,shopping etc. Also,relax in the evening,I can enjoy a drink without thinking I am not allowed because of th meds. feel much happier as well.

I will take ibruprofen and paracetomol if I have to but to be honest,not taken a thing for 3 weeks and am coping. it is great not to have to remember the pills! have a good evening all xxx


I wish I could come off my meds but my body tells me when its time to have them tramodol if I miss it I shake as soon as I take them then lye down for 5 mins or half hr I'm fine so well done if you can stay off meds good for you x


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