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PCOS and maybe worse :(

Hi everyone,

Had gyne appointment yesterday cos not had any periods for almost a year. My GP thought i had PCOS cos of the symptoms I had. She sent me for blood tests of hormones but all came back normal. She referred me to gyne so they could find out what wS going on.

I had thought that it was just weight gain that was the problem as hormone levels were normal.

Gyne did a scan and right away said I have got PCOS and my left ovary is completely covered in cysts. She said that lining of uterus was very thick too which was strange as I was not having periods.

She told me they needed to take some biopsies to test uterus lining. I have to go back to see her in 4 weeks for the results.

I am quite worried - don't know what they are looking for and I'm only 29 and wanted to start a family next year once finished uni.

Has anyone else got "lady problems" ? I wondered if they is any link between fibro and PCOS?

Any info or advice would be really appreciated!

Gentle hugs to all xxx

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I had the same probs at 23 onwards to ...but i sometimes had a period for 6 months at a time to ... then miss for 6 months .....but i didnt have pcos at the time .... they didnt know what it was .But i went on to have a child :-) ...

Hope all goes well Angela x


Thanks Angela and congrats on your beautiful baby! :) xx


The pics not my baby lol . well its is it my grandson:-).....My daughter is 18 now :-)


Oops sorry :) he is lovely! Xx


My daughter-in-law had pcos and she now has 3 children


Hi Becky, I know you posted this few months ago but I have just come across it. Like me I have PCOS and fibro. I hope your biopsy results were all ok? My consultant said they are seeing more patients with pcos and also fibro than ever before so there seems to be some sort of link. I was also at uni doing nursing agree until I had to give up because of the fibro and everything else, speak to your uni as they may be able to give you few weeks off placement which helped me greatly. I fully understand how difficult your finding it been there done that and like you at 23 feel like my body is about 101 but now regret not managing to finish my degree. You have to do what is right for you not what suits anyone else. Big hugs xx


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