Still struggling on

A week on gabapentin and i'm no better.

Apparently i'm sensitive to the drug and need to stick with it a few weeks to see how i am once my body is use to it.

Had a massive flare up, including pain so bad i threw up a few times again, horrendous neck and head ache, lack of sleep and loads of confusion and dizziness. To top all that off my ibs is going nuts as if everything else wasnt enough. And been struggling with my depression and been changed from 30mg to 40mg of citalopram.

Due to see doctor again in 2 weeks. Rheumatologists appointment not til july and no sign of pain team actually reviewing me.

Its all still going on, no sign yet of getting a balance where i can be able to cope more like my old self.

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  • It is so disappointing when we pin our hopes in a new drug regime working straight away. I was warned by my doctor that the pain relief from some new tablets might not kick in for as long as six weeks but if they were going to work with helping me rest at night it should only take a few nights. Well nearly three weeks down the line I have had three slightly better pain days but in fact I should say I am on the whole worse at night. Waiting for another three weeks in the hope that suddenly it is going to kick up seems a long time when you are in pain so I can absolutely understand your frustration.

    I always think that IBS in a really underestimated illness and people who don't suffer from it seem to think it just causes a slight stomach ache when sufferers know it can cause no end of unpleasant symptoms and of course new tablets can wreck havoc with it.

    I do hope that you can get some relief from this flare soon and that the good effects of the tablets quick in and give you some

  • I wasnt told initally it could be a month or longer to fully feel the effects, just come back in 2 weeks. Now its give it longer, what a waste of an appointment, could have discussed it on phone consultation.

    I'm horrendous at night right now. My mind wont shut off, knackered during the day and exhausted by the slightest exertion then wake up about 9.00. Urgh!

    I'm glad you seem to be getting towards the brighter end of the wait with your relief, hope the effects continue to improve and that'll help switch you off at night.

    Ibs is hell for me and was for a long time. Once i got on the coeliac diet it wasnt too bad until the pains flared up again. All the medications for fibro are causing havoc on my ibs and its a tettering balance act. As if fibro isnt complicated enough!! xx

  • I'm on pregablin taken it for 3 weeks and doctors told me to stick with it for another month!

  • So frustrating always having to wait for things to work or be reviewed again in another ..... Weeks. Hope it starts helping very soon! Xx

  • my doc wouldn't prescribe pregabalin due to cost. said gabapentin same drug good luck hope you get some relief x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are still struggling and suffering in this way, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

    Unfortunately it can take up to a month for these kinds of drugs to start to work so it can be difficult to start with. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your next GP appointment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Gabapentin really does work in my case if it's too unbearable try and change It. I hope your doctor is doing it in gradual doses. I do still have the odd night it keeps me up but the pain levels are so much worse without it. I really felt the benefit of it when it got to the higher doseage. Everything does seem to be a waiting game I know your frustration good luck with it! Xx

  • I was instantly put on 1x 300mg tablet once a day for a day then 2 for a day and then 3x a day onwards as my pain is so bad and nothing else was touching it. X

  • I hope your doctor started you on a very low dose with a gradual increase until you find relief. I have been on gabapentin for four years for my trigeminal neuralgia and my dr. started me on 100 mg /day for one week before increasing to 100 mg 2x day. Every increase after has been this gradual and I never encountered a problem. If you ever come off it you must taper down gradually as well.

  • I was instantly put on 1x 300mg tablet once a day for a day then 2 for a day and then 3x a day onwards as my pain is so bad and nothing else was touching it. X

  • That is probably the Problem ! I started on 1 x 100mg tablet at night it took the edge off the pain a little it took over a week for me to go to 1x 300mg at night all in took about 6Months to get to the dosage I'm at now. Hope the pain gets better I have more good days with gabapentin, naproxen and paracetamol X

  • I am on gabapentin too for about 9 months now I was put on 1x300 for a week and then on 2x300 for the 2nd week then on 3x300 got the 3rd week and on parcetmols 4x away and morphing still was not sleeping on a night my mind would not shut down and still in pain now the doctor put my on 3x 400 gabapentin it's making me sleep most nights witch I had forgotten wot that was like some time I wake up at 4 am them some stay awake or go back to sleep it's helped with the pain but was dizzy and falling over a few times now get pain in my hands witch are dead most of the time but don't know y that is going to doctors in the morning but they have been good for my felt like a zombie when I first whent on them but best think x

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