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Struggling. Hello flare up

It's May time again which means I suffer more than any other time of the year until about July time. I can't see the gp regarding this new pain in my hands theory are too busy as usual. 4 weeks til my next trigger point injections they are going to be even more painful with this flare up. Joyful.

Everything hurts at the slightest touch never mind.

On a brighter note I'm so happy I've found a support group it was lovely. :) trying to be positive.

Need a week of sleep.

Anyone got any good news this week please x

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Hi emjane4465

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering a flare up at the moment and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. I remember your post just after you had your trigger point injections, and how they work for you.

That is wonderful that you have found a group, I always think it really helps to share Fibro issues with others, especially fellow sufferers who truly understand where you are coming from.

I have just started my physio, and it went really well thank you. She crossed out several of the exercises as she doesn't believe that I will be able to do them, but I will give the others a really good try!

Hope that you feel better soon.

Ken x


Sorry to hear this is a bad flare up spell. Your trigger injections. How often do you have them? Do you still take painkillers? Take care.


Honey, you need to get into a pain clinic. It saved me!!! Now life is bearable, please check into this. Hoping you start feeling better!!! xxx Mitzi


Hi mitziblue. I've been at pain clinic for 18months x


Well sweetheart, sometimes your med's stop working as well, so mention it as they might be able to give you something better :) xxxx Mitzi

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