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Supposedly on the up

Had a right struggle this weekend. Had a massive flare up in shoulder, neck and head pain causing me to be sick and so sleepy afterwards. Family were on the verge of ringing 111 if i didnt wake up when i did.

Pains still up but least not thinking i'm gonna throw up again.

Spoke with a different doctor this morning as my regular gp who was reviewing pain relief options and was supppsed to ring me on friday isnt in til wednesday! Nice to know my pain management is the least of her worries that nothings been put on the system.

Dr adnan has put me on gabapentin today as he quotes it cant go on like this. Thank you!!!!! One tablet today, two tomorrow then on 3 for next few days and it'll be reviewed from there.

Still no sign of this mri but least they are doing something i suppose.

Due to my collapsing episodes last year i am not to be left on my own while i get used to gabapentin?!? Sounds like fun but as long as it works i dont care!

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Really hope you get some relief from the pain.

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Thank you x

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Gosh, Sally, you've really been going-through it. You have my absolute empathy.

Thank goodness you got a different and sensible doctor and some pain relief. Phew!

Holding-out it makes a difference fast as humanly possible.

Hoping you'll hear about the mri soon, to know where you stand.

Thanks so much for keeping us posted.

Thinking of you and sending warmest wishes for these coming few days

xx Rock Rose

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Thanks rock rose.

Yes its been a rocky rollercoaster trying to be heard and keep up the motivation to get out of bed let alone chase drs, hospitals and pharmacists.

hoping the gabapentin is some help. Building it up as of today so shall see.


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Yes, a rocky road, let's see now, gradually building-up...

I admire you keeping-up the motivation through it all, holding-on in there. brava Sally Xx

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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hello SallyE15,

I'm glad to hear that it seems things are moving in the right direction, sending strength & positivity to you :)

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator

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