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Knee cap is unaligned

found out from my MRI scan that my right knee cap is unaligned the doctor has referred me for physio im afraid that they will make me worse because I have fibromyalgia has anyone ever had this problem my knee also has wear and tear he said I get terrible burning pains in both my knees my hands are swollen right up to the tips of my finger please can anyone give me info about the swelling is it just another symptom of fibro thanks in advance im only 49 been diagnosed with fibro for 7 years

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Just wondering have you ever had a blood test for rheumatoid arthritis or lupus as these can often mimic fibro as they both cause fatigue, stiffness etc.? Knowing two people with with RA their fingers normally swell up to the tip but it is not always all of them and often the skin looks quite red. Knowing someone with lupus she had similar symptoms but had a funny kind of butterfly rash on her face.

I know you have been concentrating on your knee at the moment but it might be worth pointing out these extra symptoms to your GP even if it is just ruling the possibility out and then knowing it is fibro.

I get terrible pain and burning sensations in my hands and sometimes feet and my joints are all knobbly but apart from a bit of puffiness between the forefinger and thumb no swelling but this is down to the fibro and osteo atrhtritis.

Let us know how you get on with the physio and how your other symptoms go.x

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Thank you 4 ur reply I had blood tests done about 4 yrs ago and they were raised slightly but have had none since will ask gp the next time go to c him gentle hugs to u xox


Yes i had similar with a slightly raised level about three of four years back. Was going to get the results of my latest tests this afternoon if they hadn't have messed up my appt. went at 3pm and they said my appt was 10am! Don;t know how that could have been even with my hearing I could not have misheard as I always repeat what they say and put it right in my diary. Have to wait until Wed now.x


Ur lucky u got an app so quickly I ring for an app and would have to wait 3 weeks b4 they can give me 1 and that's just to c a gp ridiculous x x



To see a named doctor you are lucky in our practice to get an appt before the 2 week mark and if they haven't got one in those 2 weeks it starts to be a lottery as they now seem to be only booking two weeks ahead so it is that ringing up first thing in the morning and hoping and them telling you they will open the book on Wed and then you ring and find they opened it the previous day. I think them giving me an appt on Wed shows to me that it was their mistake but of course they aren't going to admit it with the senior doctor being in reception.x


I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing this and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I have arthritis and I do not have any issues when doing my physio, but we are all unique individuals so maybe you should express your concerns to the physiotherapist and see what they think? If you do start to suffer as a result you could tell them that you feel you need to stop?

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.



My Physio helps & I've had quite a lot with having two new knees. Do tell them you have fibro and just do what you can ie. If they say ten of something & you can only do 5 then tell them & do the five. Oh & you don't have swelling with fibro so its something else. (Allegedly) xx take care.


Thank u to all u lovely people for sending me helpful replies gentle hugs and best wishes xox


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