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Behind the knee pain

Help!!! I have a pain behind my knee for months and months now, nothing seems to sort it. Have got tendonitis in my left ankle where the muscle enlarged which I have never had before and now its seems a muscle in the back of my neck. has enlarged, was wondering whether this is all my fibro as I usually can cope with it, but it seems to be increasingly worse lately. I feel like I am falling apart again and not felt like this for some time, my neck is sore tender when left alone and increased alot when pressed. I am on Gabapentin and paracetamol, citrolpram for my depression and naproxen for my ankle, I also take cod liver oil tabs, mutli vitamins, glucosamine sulphate, beginning to feel like a junkie again lol.


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Fibro can cause pain anywhere in the body, but predictable regional or localised pain - i.e. pain in one area that is always there or is predictable - often has another cause, even if it is related to the Fibro. It is well worth working out exactly what the problem is, because then you can target treatments.

Could you explain more about what you mean by "enlarged muscle"?

Myofascial pain is a common problem in people with Fibro. This can present with trigger points - localised area of restriction on the muscle (muscle "knots") or wider areas of restriction, that can make muscles feel like concrete. These restrictions can ache or cause burning pain, but will be more painful when pressed. Muscles with myofascial restrictions may be weak. The restrictions may also trigger symptoms elsewhere in the body, including pain, pins-and-needles, muscle weakness, headache or migraine and nausea.


I suppose I mean enlarged, by I feel a lump and when pressed it is painful, thats the only way I can describe it, but aches without pressing it. Never really noticed it before in all the 10 yrs I have had fibro


Has your doctor checked out if it could be anything else? If yes, it could well be myofascial trigger points, but if not, get checked out first.


Hi Dixie,

If you have pain behind the knee, it could be osteo-arthritis.

I had this, and blamed it on fibro for 6 months before I eventually went to see my GP.

A quick cortisone injection sorted it out, so don't neglect this, as it might be really easy to treat.

Fibro does indeed cause pain everywhere, but not every pain is fibro!


I have had pain at the back of my left knee fro months but it is more of an permanent ache .i have to keep getting up to move about .i don't know how much is fibro or something else but I now get pain in my pelvis,bottom and tops of legs.walking is stomach is bigger than ever and after seeing my DR last week he said (about my cough I get when I lie down on my left side at night)that my chest was clear.another problem dismissed.seeing him for blood tests results on Thursday so will tell him again of symptoms and that no onj is listening to me.


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