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OK....what has horrible mr fibro caused this time!

Hi to you all, i have a problem and i need to know if anyone else has experienced this. I have got the most horrific pain right in my elbow joints but mainly my right arm is affected. I couldnt even lift the kettle yesterday and as for housework....forget it! It hurts if i even try to straighten my arms and its no better fact its a bit worse than yesterday. I havent injured myself in any way and im curious if this is another fibro related problem.....please can someone advise me on how to get some relief. Tramadol, gabapentin and meloxicam have no effect (these are my ususal fibro meds.)

Also is irritable bowel a link with fibro? Please help guys.....gentle hugs xx

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Hello Charlii, I have the elbow pain regularly and crazy so it might sound to nonfis (quite like that even though I just made it up), It does hurt to lift the kettle. Still, It's making me be more economical because I only put in enought for a cup of coffee cos that's all I can lift. I don't get IBS but I believe others do.

Whippet x


hi charli, yes i get the same my gp says it is both tennis elbow and golfers elbow!

apparently its just wear-and-tear but you can get pain relief, your gp would be able to help you with this so it wuld be worth makeing an appointment to see them. irritable bowel can be caused through stress or certain food can cause flare ups as well as fm suffers having the condition. making a note of foods eaten during flare ups may help you, you would be amased at the long list that can irritate our tums, and can vary in degrees.

hbugs poppy xx


I also get elbow pain mines now that bad I cant get in or out of the bath, and have awful trouble lifting things are turning over in bed, as for IBS I was told it was linked to fibro and cfs


Really just commenting on the kettle problem, rather than taking the kettle to the sink use a jug to fill the kettle. Not so heavy and you were probably over filling like most of us so you are doing your bit for the water shortage as well.

I find that if I go heavy on the carbs I get more pain so eat a very low carb diet and especially no wheat or yeast.


Look up Bursitis...could be that.

One of the trigger/tender points for fibro is in the elbow joint area, look it up perhaps and see if it is that? You may be able to get it injected.


Thats the only trigger point I have, I think. I may have more but my left elbow is very painful when I pull sleeves up or lean on it, carrying stuff hurts and bending/straightening. I got IBS too.Ive just learned what I can eat or not.As Poppy said,keep a diary of what you eat and whether it affect you or not,then avoid it.


hi Charlii, have had excruciating pain and inflammation in my elbow, reduced me to tears the odd day when i was really down, ...thankfully right one as i'm left handed. Doc said it was due to fibro but was a total pest as it trapped the nerves to 2 fingers which took on a life of their own...literally. went numb, jumped a lot and refused to obey instructions. Tsk let them get on with it lol, Could put no pressure on arm, even laying in bed on that side hurt.Thankfully it's been ok for some time but no doubt it will come back to haunt me as i always seem to have a lingering ache in and above both elbows.

Take care

jan xx


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