severe leg and knee pain any suggestions what i could take ?

im feeling so fed up my leg pain is almost unbearable i was diagnoesd earlier this year with me/fibro im taking amytriptlyn to help me sleep, i was taking gabapentin but took myself of them as i was experiencing severe groin pain im at my whits end im seeing my gp on thursday any suggestions as to what pain killers i could try for my leg pain . i would welcome any advice thanks joed

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  • hi sorry to hear you fed up and sore, i was diagnoesd yearly this year too, most of my pain is neck head and arms, my hubby was given a Tens machine by the pain clinc he goes too and it did nothing for him, but i have been using it for a couple of times a day, and yes it does not get rid off the pain but it does help quite. good luck and gentle hugs


  • i suffer from severe pain, Im on gaba, baclofen duloxetine nothing help I hope you can find something that suits you

  • Sorry your suffering at the minute, I'm taking Amtriptaline and Tramadol at bed time and it seems to be working for now! I try to stick with co-codamol during the day otherwise I would be too spaced out. Good luck and hope this helps xx

  • Hi Joed, sorry to hear you are suffering, but you really do need to sit down and talk over things with your Dr. I too have severe fibro and chronic M.E. and other conditions too. How long were you on Gabapentin?

    It is a stepped dose drug and unless you had spoken with your Dr or Specialist I don't know that it was a good thing to come off them?????

    Good luck and Gentle Hugs x x x

  • How do you know it was your medication causing your

    Groin pain, I get that with fibromyalgia and I don't take

    Gabby maybe you should give it another try.

  • thankyou all for your comments ive been on gaba for about a year my pain is so bad today that i have decided to give it ago its not going to make me feel any worse sorry about my low moad today just having a really bad day even the numbing and tingling feeling is back in my left arm ow the joys of me/fibro hope you are all having a not to bad day joed

  • hi sorry your having a rotten day. i take paracetamol and tramadol through the day (8 & 6 a day) and 4 amytriptaline at night. i also use a tens machine which does releive the pain a fair bit for a while. also heat packs help. hope you find something to help your pain. soft hugs. xx

  • hi i am the same with really bad leg pain i feel like choping my leg off i was on gabapentin but gp as changed it to pegapentin its like gaba ive been on it nearly 2 weeks and the pain in my legs is easying its not gone but its bearable now so ask gp if you can try them you got nothink to lose your already in pain so tyr it xxxx hope it work let my know xxx debs xx

  • hi debs been to gp today he is keeping me on gaba 1-3 times aday but changed my amytritlln to nortritilyn sending me for vit d blood test im guna give this a try an see how it works thankyou for your reply joed

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