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Baths and hair-washing - anyone else find them a struggle??

I'm not talking so much about the getting in and out of the bath. For me, it's the drying bit. Well, the whole lot is a pain from running the bath to taking all the layers off to getting in the bath (the soaking is the best bit) but when it comes to drying I feel cold all the time. Not just while I'm drying but afterwards when I've put my clothes back on. I would never go out after a bath and to be honest I can only really have baths in the hot weather which means I've not had one for months! Before you reach for your pegs, I do wash every day but the bathing bit it just too much. I'm sure that because I am ultra-sensitive to damp, humidity and changes in the weather this is the same for baths - oh and washing my hair is another. Again, never go out on the day I've washed my hair and only do it every two to four weeks and even after all the blow-drying it doesn't feel properly dry until the next day. I am seriously thinking of getting it all shaved off and getting a wig!!

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I also have very similar issues with the coldness and hair management. I thought it was only me!


Ooo, thanks, jpars - good to know too that I'm not the only one! x


For what it's worth, I'll tell you what I do after a shower.

I have a HUGE terry bathrobe, which I keep on the hot rail. I wrap that round me, so I am nice and cosy, then I get my hairdyer and direct the hot air up the sleeves, then up the skirts and well - anywhere that feels damp - it works very well! I put a hot towel round my hair too - that doesn't give me too much bother.

Maybe you could come by one of those old-fashioned hood hairdryers on a stand, like you used to see in hairdressers. I'm sure if you sat under one of those for a while you would feel nice and dry!

I haven't had a bath for ages - I can't get in and out, but I manage a shower OK - I would love a soak, tho'!

Moffy x


Thanks Moffy!

I am no good with showers either except in the summer! I've tried the robes and everything you can think of. I think having to go out into a cooler room to access the hairdryer is a barrier! My mum has a wall heater in her room which i find helps there when I wash. x


I love the hairddryer up the sleeves tip!



Do try it, Jpars - it's wonderful! :)


I like that idea too ladymoth ;-)

Hair dryers can come in very handy when its cold ,I've hurd that people even warm the bed if they havn't got an electric blanket xx Tina


Quite frankly washing my hair is a pain quite literally.

There's an awful lot of oohs and aahs!!

What can you do though?

I just hope that I won't pay for it dearly the following day (which I always do!!).

Just hang in there Kirby, we can take it. Bring it on!!


Thanks for the support, Bibileatherdale!


Ho ho!! Hair washing is an absolute nightmare for me. I have to ask someone to help with that. I can't reach my arms up high enough to shampoo it, so you can imagine what it looks like if I try myself!! I was lucky enough to have a wet room installed, which came with a body dryer!! It really works well, it actually gets quite hot, but dries me perfectly.....and there's a lot of me to dry!!!! I haven't had a bath for ??????? years, it's so long ago I can't remember. But I'd give my right arm to be able to have a bath. The thought of being able to lie and soak is but a dream to me. XXXXX


Hi Sue

I love the sound of that drier. Yes, the bath soaking is lovely but when it comes to getting out that's when the fun starts, not! xxx


I don't even try to get into a bath these days kirby! I'd need a JCB to get me in AND out!! XXX


I get around the lifting of the arms by tipping my haed forward its a bit of a strain on my neck as my hair is down to my bum, I also have a problem getting a shower when its cold my muscles tens up in the cold, gettig out I wrap a towel round me ane my terry robe but I'm still cold, I manage 1 shower a week as hubby has to help me come rain or shine and was my hair once a week I can't manage any more. Sithy


Thanks, Sithy. Yes, my hair is pretty long and thick but hairdresser's that's another obstacle! I find the tipping bit a real strain on my lower back but have to do it but only about every 3 weeks. Then there's the long drying process. Oh joy! xx



Been a problem for me for a few years now. Can't stand for a shower (fall over), can't manouver myself in and out of the bath very well, so I use a stool in front of the sink and do flannel washes, and have discovered the joy of dry shampoo :-)

I used to use a high stool in front of the kitchen sink to wash my hair, but even that hurts my back too much now.

The longest I've used dry shampoo for is two months, and my hairdresser couldn't believe I hadn't water-washed my hair in that time.

Also, the stone deodorants are great if you aren't able to wash every day.

Hope that helps,

A xXx


Thanks Angel!

I used dry shampoo years ago when I went on holiday, I'm sure it's improved since then but it used to leave your hair very dry as if you'd tipped a lot of talc in it!! What make do use out of interest? The ones I've seen are sprays which I don;t like using but maybe there are some other types?

Any advice welcome.

Thanks :-)

K xx



I reverted to my long lost teenage years and went for Batiste, which is a spray. Yes, it would probably make a great Halloween accessory, giving the white haired witch look as it does initially, but if you use a decent brush with rounded, nylon-tipped bristles, all that comes out. If you do it at night, any sign of it seems to have vanished by the morning. The only thing I found with it, after using it solidly for more than 8 weeks, was that I had little bobbles of dry shampoo on my scalp, so evidently I hadn't brushed thoroughly enough.

From memory, there did used to be a little puffer-bottle of dry shampoo that you used to be able to get from chemists.

My hair tends towards oily at the best of times, and with the menopausal hot sweats, this is even more of an issue, so maybe if you have dry hair it isn't so great.

They do reckon that if you can stand not washing your hair (water and shampoo) for 6 weeks, it becomes self-regulating in terms of oil production and general health and cleanliness.

I ran out of dry shampoo recently, and had to actually wash it as I was due to go to a hospital appointment the next day. Really painful, even with the high stool at the sink, and using combined shampoo with conditioner so I only have to do one wash and rinse, and sent my back into spasm. Back on the dry stuff again now!



Thanks for that, Angel. Yes, I remember that puffer stuff from chemists back in the 70s! Not seen it for ages, I think it is only the spray stuff now. My hair is very thick and gets quite frizzy, though it is actually better when it's 'dirty'. Yes, I have heard that if you stop washing it, it regulates itself, although I've never quite left it long enough to prove or disprove this! I would like to think it worked, than that would save an awful lot of hassle!

K xxx


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