Hi everyone,

This is my first post as have just opened the brown envelope from DWP. I sent off the ESA50 form end of December 2012 and was then asked to go for a medical 1st March 2012. I then had another letter saying further info had been received and I no longer needed to attend the medical. I'm guessing this was to do with the letter I sent from my consultant. I then rang DWP to ask what was happening and was told my case was waiting to be looked at by a DECISION MAKER. So this person has decided to put me in the WRAG. Mind you I had to read the letter numerious times to figure this out , so confusing.

I last worked in 2006 having been digonised with , Primary Sjogren's and Fibromyalgia and my consultant supports me fully in that i'm unable to work. As my medical was cancelled I thought that i'd scored enough points to be put in support group. I've not got a copy of my ESA50 as person, who was part of a charity, who helped me fill it in wanted to keep it and do a report to send off with it. I did ask for a copy but was told didn't give any. At the time was in such a state didn't query this. I've since spoken to CAB who were very surprised when told them of this. Wish now i'd gone to CAB for help with that form. So I will now start my appeal. Question can I get copy of my ESA50 ,and report this person did on me, from DWP as don't know what she put. She did say put down what I told her but can't remember what was said.

Thanks all for listening

gentle hugs


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  • Gosh, I can't believe that they wouldn't give you a copy of the form, surely they should understand that you would actually NEED one, not just want one. I am sure there must be some way of you being able to get hold of it, I hope someone with more knowledge here will come up with something. I think the charity who "helped" you did you a great injustice by not agreeing to your request.

    Gentle hugs Foxie, I do hope you can sort this out, sending positive thought your way,

    Foggy x

  • Thanks for your positive thoughts. Just got back from CAB and appointment made to help with my appeal.

  • Welcome Foxie,

    I would like to provide you with this link from the FibroAction website that may be of help


    Also if you email info@fibroaction.org they can send you the Benefits & Work guides for free.

    They contain lots of information regarding DLA & ESA , medicals, appeals etc

    Here is the Benefits & Work website


    You may also like to visit the CAB website too


    Hope this helps


  • Many thanks for the links going to look through now with a cuppa.

  • ask esa for a copy of your form. i did the same fir my dla had someone from DWP come to help. lol what a joke sge jyst ticjed bixes with no explinations and took form to do a report . there was no report from her what so ever but they sent me a copy when i asked them too when they turned me down flat

  • Thanks for your reply. Going to give DWP a ring and ask for copies later and will put in writing to them aswell.

  • Hi Foxie,

    Make a Subject Access Request under the Data Protection Act 1998. It will cost you £10, but they'll have to send you every piece of information and document that has anything in relation to yourself.

    I would expect that this would also include your form and attached reports?

    Love and hugs,


  • Morning, thanks for your reply. Will look into this.

  • When you appeal (GL24) the DWP have to send you all the documents they have on your case, including the decision for putting you in WRAG.

  • Thankst got appointment with CAB to help with my appeal.

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