Feeling down

Hi don't know where to start I just don't wont to go out of the house on my own scared to go out feel so low and down crying all the time Iv got a husband but he's at work all the time he's so good to me help me a lot sine I had my stroke last year then back in hospital in December but they sed the would send me for test they not sent me for no test we was all thinking it was anther stroke but the say all sine of one but on mri show nothink so they don't know wot it was I lost the use of my left leg was in hospital 5 days and then was sent home to be house bound I got the use of my leg back and get help with OT and physiosnd DN coming to take my blood for INR test my OT came 2 weeks ago I was so upset she phone the mentell heath team up as the doctor sent me to see them the sed they was a 6 mounths waiting list they phone me back and sed I had to phone them in 6 weeks to see they had any think for me cos it now 3 mounths wait Iv not been back to my doctors I told the doctor I wonted to come off the meds till they see wot I could take having been told I got APS and I really don't wont to start taking any more meds I just don't know wot to do cry most days and don't go out unless some ones with me I don't know y I think just had a lot to deal with lost my dad and my brother now only down to one wage I have just got PIP the stranded for both even that did not put a smil on my face sorry for going on just think it better if I put some think down thanks x

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  • Hi Lesley,

    I am so sorry you 're feeling so down at the moment. Some times we feel the need to stay at hme but do try not being afraid. Your own world inside your house is safe have no fear. Have you a friend to ring? No then ring your Partner and explain the way you feel. You can also ring the Samaritans they are brilliant and so helpful.

    Our world is full of kind caring people so do not worry we are all here to help[


  • Thank he knows I am down and feels bad that he's at work and tells me to go out all the time just don't won't unless I am with some one I am good at putting a front on but thank I am trying xx

  • Well Iv do it Iv been out shopping and then came back took the dogs out feel ok to day but thanks for all your surport xx

  • Hi Lesley

    I too have APS which was diagnosed in 2001 after I suffered a stroke. It is very scary; I lost my balance and wasn't able to get out on my own for two months or so. That made me very depressed and feeling how you do at the moment. My confidence has taken a knock back since I developed fibro but at least my husband is retired now although I don't want to rely on him too much. I won't go to big places, like supermarkets alone, but do manage to get to my local library coffee shop and a stitching group once a week. Both are in the same familiar place so I feel safe.

    Being on warfarin is difficult to cope but if your inr is within a suitable range that will help. The Hughes Syndrome Foundation ( APS) has loads of information and also a support group with Health Unlocked. My other source of support was Different Strokes for younger stroke survivors and I found communicating with others on there very helpful.

    I do so hope you can get the support and help you need to start feeling better.

  • Know wot u mean about rely on my husband too much I tnink Iv done it too much but he hates going to work and leaving me when he knows I am down but I have been out to day on my own feel a bit better for it thanks xx

  • So glad to hear you're feeling better today and managed to get out on your own. Take care xxx

  • Thanks I am to day hope it carries on days to follow xx

  • Hi Lesley

    Just to say that I have read your post with such sadness. You seem to have been through a lot lately and sometimes your physical health has a great impact on your mental health and the other way round. I think you are also exhausted so just the thought of going out alone and feeling like that is really frightening.

    it is such a shame there is that long wait for help from the Mental Health Team I can understand you anguish on that as you badly need someone expert to talk to. My husband has had mental health problems and the wait to see someone certainly didn't help him at all. If it gets worse you must have a word with your doctor and impress on how bad you feel.

    If you could get out to some kind of class or group I feel that it would really make you feel better. Is there a Ring and Ride service within your area that could take you to whereever you need to go and then pick you up afterwards it is not just for the elderly but for anyone who has a disablity. If there isn;t occasionally use a taxi just to get yourself out as it can start to be a vicious circle.

    The others have given you good advice. Keep in touch with us all you have made the first brave step by posting and you are not "going on" but just putting down how you honestly feel at the moment. The majority of us has been in that sort of place at one time or another so can truely emphathise with you. Let us know how you are getting on.x

  • Hi Lesley61

    I am so very sorry to read of how down you are feeling and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks ken I did go out to day feel a bit better for it xx

  • Thanks for being so oppen dear. I know what it feels like when you whole body ackes and your all alone. We must not give up on our selves. Do some easy strech exersizes first thing in the morning, embrace the sun or what ever you see, try to stay posivite even if its dam hard. Then take a hot shower and give yourself a massage as good as you can. Coconut oil is perfect for this. And if you eat it you even loose weight. Try to find an accupation something you like doing and get to it. The rest will have to wait. I like to sing and stich. Hope I could brighten you up a bit dear.

  • You have through so much, it's really hard for you to go out it may seem easy to other people but I understand of facing the outside world. After the death of my beloved friend I just locked myself away. I am now starting to face going out. Yes it is hard but one step at a time . Don't be so hard on yourself. There will be days you want to do something others you can't . Here for you 🎈

  • I did it to day I whent out shopping and took the dogs out too feel a bit better now thank for been there for me xxx

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