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Sorry guys feeling so down

Hi everyone me again. Well I took Bambi to the dog trust for her assessment and she has passed so they will offer her a rehoming space. It could take a month thou but I don't mind as it means I can have some more time with her. It really was rather nice there and the staff were great,I was in tears of course but the girl was understanding and thinks they can get someone suited for Bambis needs. So yes I've been brave and done it,I was so damn nervous driving over there. Thought they would think badly of me for letting her go. The kennels are lovely very modern and bright,they all have their own sofas too! I do feel relieved but I still feel gutted. At least I've got some time with her,not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing really. Probably will change my mind a hundred times by then.

I am just so sick of feeling so low. I don't want to carry on feeling like this,it's not much of a life. The anxiety is so chronic and I don't get many days off from it. Constant pain and tiredness as you guys all know. Having to give up stuff that I love. I just feel so hopeless. Thank god for my kids and my dogs otherwise I don't think I would be here. I can't even speak to or see my friends as we have all been bringing each other down. Am I never going to cheer up? I really have to give myself a good talking to to get through this. Kids have gone for the weekend so I've got more time to be horrid to myself :( thing is I really don't want to be like this I do actually care for myself very much and hate seeing myself like this. My doctor who I thought was pretty ok has really changed her attitude to people with fibro like we are all wasting her time. I feel I could have something really nasty and it wouldn't be investigated"oh it's just fibro!" It's not just me she is like it with,it's my other friends with fibro too. Trouble is she is the only one in the practice that is slightly interested in fibro,I expect the other doctors have worn her down.

On a brighter note and I'm probably rambling now I have developed an obsession with antiques programmes,is anyone else interested in them? I wish I had the guts and the knowledge to buy and sell antiques but I wouldn't know where to start. Car boot sales seem to be the place to go but I don't have the energy to do that. Ebay is saturated with people buying and selling antiques. I really want to give myself an interest,apart fom the woofers and online games. It's just finding the energy isn't it?

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Hi TM,

Sorry you're still feeling so bad. It's an uphill road, getting better, but you have started to take control which is the first step.

I am interested in antiques, too - it's a fascinating subject, and the TV programs are very good.

Why not get some good books about antiques? Lots to look at in your local library.

I love my library - it's warm and cosy with a coffee shop and comfortable seating, and I have made friends there - not the sort who bring you down, just people to pass the time of day and have a giggle.

Maybe that sort of thing would give you a little break and a bit of cheer, and you can relax there as well, I find it doesn't take up too much energy. Oh, and it's FREE!

Hope you manage to find something to give you an interest!

Moffy xxx


Ok your GP is not being sympathetic the other gps aren't so let's get tactical and go in saying my fibro is fine thank you but I am having anxiety attacks and am depressed and see if that works and you get the help you need with those two things.... And now you have seen the dogs trust I am sure that helps as you know bambi will be well cared for and found a loving new home...You say your children are gone for the weekend .. So do your own thing .. Eat a whole big bar of chocolate , watch a film you like ,have a relaxing soak or shower, just treat yourself tell yourself you deserve some you time.

VG x


Thanks you two. Do you know after I wrote that blog I thought to myself"Ali you've got to take control here. Yes you've got fibro,yes you've got anxiety but that doesn't mean you're life is over" this is doable and I can be strong at the same time. It's time to stop being a wimp and take back your life! God knows I deserve it. I am getting more and more of these feelings of strength and boy does it feel better than being a victim!

Moffy I do like the sound of your library,a coffee shop sounds lovely! I love libraries,they are so calming and your right they do take up little energy. A trip to the library is in order for tomorrow. Antiques books! I also think I need to get involved in your light hearted blogs,that will do me good as well. :)


Please do, Ali - we are always very happy when people manage to be even more dippy than we are. I'm sure it would help to cheer you up!


Oh yes would love you to join in ... There haven't been so many recently due to rl for many of us I am hoping to get into town tomorrow with my OH on my mobility scooter to get a new mobile phone my contract is up so am looking for something easy AND cheap .

Looks around the forum No one say a word


Hi Teddysmum

i love antique programmes but tend to like some cheaper items and wonder why others are worth so much money even tho not as old as previous items , i realise rarity comes into it tho .

I find it upsetting when families sell medals , i could never sell them , but i guess sometimes people are desperate for the money

take care x


hi i must be lucky as my gp is so helpful i went to her because after i lost my dad christmas i was in such a lot of pain she is trying me on pain blockers and they seem to help but as i am down after dads funeral she has been so kind and helpful and told me to see or phone her if i need to and tries to keep on top of my fybro ,but sometimes i get sharp pains that go from my spine round my ribs and into my face causing really bad pain ,i have had tests on my heart which is ok and xrays and tests for gall and kidney stones but all are fine although thyroid is borderline again so got to have another blood test in six weeks i get sick and fed up of doctors surgeries and hospitals and have constant pain i just have started to paint for a hobby it helps to find a hobby that i can do when i feel like it ,sometimes at 3 in the morning when i cant sleep anyway enough of me plattling on all the best sheila


Hi Teddiesmum I am absolutely hooked on Antiques i have been for years and now I am at home I have more time to indulge my passion. I collect musical boxes and automata it is a very slow collection as I dont get out much now. But I have time for research, I also love boxes because so much can be hidden in a box - you can find out about a person and their life from just a little box! Panick is ensueing we have lost a set of pencils dont know where they have gone! Better go look xgins


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