Well got the brown envelope to day got standard rate for mobility and standard in daily living I am happy with it but was only just short in points I think some thinks are wrong wot they put don't know whether to appeal against it or not or don't fancy going though all that again and I don't know wot you have to when you appeal and wot gose on with it all as any one gone and done this

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  • Hi Lesley61

    Congratulations on your award. I have never been through anything of this nature, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck if you do decide to appeal.

    Good luck


  • You can do a mandatory appeal where independant ppl go through your file and if you ring pip/dla and tell them what you don't agree with they will write it down and send it to appeal, get persons name and wire down date/time and what you said, she/he will read back what you have said and you have to agree, write it down. It supposed to take upto 11 weeks. You will be paid what you have even awarded, if it increases it will be back dated, a word it could also decrease too so plz be aware, overpayment will be taken out of future payments.

  • First of all congrats on getting an award. As Caroleb has said you can ask for a mandatory reconsideration but they can take points away as well as add points in. I have never heard of anyone getting points added through mandatory reconsideration though but it is a choice you have to make.

  • I really think you should appeal, as hard as it is going through it all again. I know several people who have been successful.

    I hope everything works out well for you whatever you decide to do. Take care.

    Becky. X

  • sorry but my opinion is differant to every one else as i have applied twice for pip and been turned down both times i would just say to take what you have been awarded if you dont want to put yourself through the stress of an appeal good luck either way take care joanne x by the way this is not soar grapes for some of you who may read this its just frustrating when you get turned down dont think i could put myself through it again

  • Yes just think I am going to leave it can do with out the stress too I had been feeling good for last 3 weeks but for 3 days don't feel good at all in a lot of pain and not feeling too good so just going to leave it as it is I am happy I got some thing better then nothink cos think have been tight when u lose your wage and your allways had some money coming in but thanks to you all xx

  • I totally understand where you are coming from... I was turned down 3 times & awarded standard rates on 4th attempt!! My advice is DO NOT give up! That's exactly what they want you to do! They know that people who are unwell get stressed more easily & can be emotional due to their situation. I too felt exactly the same as you - I felt that I didn't have the strength to try again but I did & got my award, which was totally deserved as I have life limiting health problems.

    Yes, I am still annoyed that it took 4 years of completely unnecessary stress & upset.. I also vowed that if they refused me one more time, I would go to a Solicitor! I, like many others, had VALID serious health problems that affected my life on a daily basis & if this is you too, then you MUST keep trying! You must remember that you are entitled to claim these Disability Benefits for these reasons.

    Even more annoying - I was retired on 'ill health grounds' from the DWP, who's Occupational Health (ATOS!!!) advised this & informed me that due to my specific life threatening illness, I would be entitled to ALL Disability Benefits!! They lied! If they can lie to me, as an employee, then they can lie to just about everyone else!

    Take my advice - apply again & again until you get it! Hopefully my story will give you the strength to push on...

    Debs <3

  • Hi I did get the standered for both I only put in for it in December so did not take long they may not give me more so just going to take wot they give me now x

  • Hi Debs,

    I found your story rather interesting. I hope you don't mind me asking, how you were awarded 'ill health retirement '

    Only last Monday my work place NHS believe it or not asked me to leave because the building where I work was too dangerous with regards to the worn steps going into and out of the building. I had been working there for 15 months.

    Occupational Health did a one to one report with me in September last year saying they should move me into another clerical post. Nothing happened.

    I don't have a contract never had one. I always worked on their bank, zero hours so,no back,up.

    NHS is a 2 tick tier which means they treat disabled people the same as able bodied staff.

    I want to go down the ILL health retirement road, but I haven't got a clue how or where to begin. Perhaps you can advise me please

    Kinda regards

  • I think to be awarded 'ill health retirement' your OH needs to agree that there would be no possibility of your health improving within the foreseeable future or that your health will never improve. I honestly think it is a kinder way of 'sacking' you, as you can't fulfill your Employment Contract. They did offer me a position closer to home, as at the time I was commuting 40 miles (round trip) every day & part-time hours & although grateful, was not well enough to accept so took the 'retirement on ill health grounds'.

    On reading your post, I really do feel that you should get some advice from experts. My local Employment Law office are always very helpful or even Welfare Rights. Failing that, get some legal advice! I really did think it was against the law not to provide someone with an Employment Contract. You should look into that.

    As for the NHS as an employer - I am not surprised at their behaviour at all. I attend my local Pain Clinic with a lovely lady, a Midwife actually, who worked with one of my relatives at our local Maternity Hospital. She had worked for the NHS all of her life, developed some health problems, including Fibromyalgia, & they were trying their best to push her out of her job. Refused her any help or support for her health problems & she worked for the NHS!! Disgusting! but that's what we're all up against unfortunately!

    I am no expert at all but am sure that any employer has a 'duty of care' for any of their employees. Yes, they will try & wriggle out of it (not all employers but some) but NOT if you don't let them. Once again, they make things as difficult as possible, hoping you'll give in & just leave. My advice - get some advice & then decide what to do from there.

    Debs <3

  • I to was awarded standard for both and like you was minimal points short of enhanced. Like you I thought shall I appael but I havent. I think in this day and age where pip is harder to get I count myself lucky to receive it, I dont want the extra stress of appaeling, and the extra money I am now recieving will help buy those extras that I need. I also have a child. 2 weeks after my brown envelope arrived with the outcome another brown envelope arrived from the tax office. Now I am on pip I can claim extra tax credits, something which I wasnt entitled to before. It means I can reduce my hours at work.

  • I too was extremely happy to be awarded PIP @ Standard Rates after 3 failed attempts & 4 years of trying!! It was bitter/sweet really because I feel that I too am entitled to a higher rate but it took so long to get it, I was simply relieved! It was a battle that I (& many others like me) shouldn't have to fight... they make it so difficult. I was determined to win my award, as I knew (as did my Doctors/Consultants) that I was entitled - despite what the DWP thought. As I have always said, their Doctors/Nurses at the Assessments are not Specialists or Consultants & cannot say what I can/cannot do or comment on how I'm feeling! Only I know that!!

    I decided not to appeal, as others had advised that I could actually lose points & I didn't want to risk it. They ask that you inform them of any changes... worsening of illness/symptoms/mobility or improvements. I will be doing this on a regular basis!!! I will not stop until I receive the Disability Benefit I am fully entitled to & deserve. I am determined! I am at high risk of suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, so I'm really not afraid of the DWP!!!!

    Debs <3

  • Hope u feel better yes I don't won't to lose it as I have no wage now for a year so need some think to help me x

  • Was like this too I left it a year and then tried again and was successful but with changes now in new assessments god knows how long I keep it.

  • Congratulations.

    I am waiting to hear about my PIP outcome. Had a letter today to say they have all information they need and I should hear shortly. Keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Finger crossed for you too hope u get it let us know how you get on x

  • im waiting to see another gyne as i have been told i have endo to and im suffering so bad with the pain so think i wont reapply for awhile but may do in the future its so frustrating to get turned down twice when i know myself how ill i am im only 46 and had to give up work 3yrs ago take care all joanne x

  • I have standard mob and 2 points short of daily living so am appeal ling after reconsideration came back the same.

    I have the law centre helping me so fingers crossed as I had to cut my working hours.

    congratulations I would say to u :) xx

  • I am going to stay with wot they give me now xx

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