hi,just a quick update.i rang DWP on monday as i had sent a lot of information recordeddelivery,and had a funny feeling they hadnt recieved them...and hey presto! no there was no record of them!..yesterday a lady fro DWP rang to ask why i had missed the dead line for my reassesment of claim,whent through the whole story again,gave her the tracking number for package,she rang back and said it couldnt be found! had been signed for at the sorting office then signed for at next department and now nobody knows where it is!! OMG!..ATOS had sent me a letter of apology {not heard of very often?] and also a copy was sent to DWP...err NO THEY CANT FIND THAT EITHER! and i told them it was sent as an email to .[.and they gave the name]..erm couldnt find him! so i was asked to send all information again! by the time iv sent this lot in DWP will have had 3 letters from ATOS ! but its no point in screeming and shouting as it does no good...i hope that all this results in me getting what im entitled to...i wont hold my breath they can just dismiss their errors is behond me....i keep you all

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  • I'd rather shoot them - lol!

    Sorry to hear about all this idiocy - I can only imagine your level of frustration. And you're right, screaming and shouting at them will do more harm than good. So feel free to come and scream and shout on here, we are with you!


  • hi,thank you for your not giving in now!..xx

  • hi please see my responce..OH MY GOD!!...So many people replied its easier to do it this way xxxx

  • Pass the gun - we'll all shoot at them!

    Moffy x

  • hi,thank you for your

  • hi please see my post OH MY GOD!! so many people replied its easier to reply this way xxxx

  • Don't pass me the gun I might shoot myself......

    Sorry pondmistrel I can understand your frustration though not with the DWP I had exactly the same sort of runaround with a certain utility supplier and in the end it got sorted but not without phone calls emails and a whole lot of unnecessary stress.... An apology from ATOS is a triumph hope it was written or emailed so you can frame it... Please don't give up and come on here to rant and let us know how you are getting on

    VG x

  • hi thank you for your reply...DWP have just rung me,i missed the call so trying to get back to her...i let you know if i she tells me anything worth repeating! she was ringing ATOS ..i asked if she wanted the phone number she said..oh no we ring them every day so i have it!....xx

  • hello please see my post OH MY GOD!! so many people replied it was easier to reply this way xxx

  • This happens to me last year when changed from incapacity to esa..I sent everything twice and said got nothing...I also sent recorded delivery...said didn't get so dead line comes and I have to fill it all again...I'm in a state by now and with good reason it took 3 . Months to sort out...and I lost my money I had to beg and borrow to pay bills and eat...then when I finally got it they wouldn't back date it to date should have only to the day I resent 3rd lot of info...then they messed up my housing benefit..cos they had me down for was and was a night mare...I dread having to fill forms and wait it's so stressful.

  • thank you for your reply..i keep you posted xx

  • hi please see my post OH MY GOD!! its easier to reply to every one who replied to me xxxx

  • Hi pond mistress

    I know we have all got scary stories about the DWP but occasionally you get a lady (never a bloke) who will move heaven and earth for you and all you have to do is to make sure you get her name.

    Wishing you all the best of luck with this.

    Take care and kindest regards


  • hi please see my post OH MY GOD!! it was easier to reply to everyone who replied xxxx

  • I'm sorry you've had all these problems and frustrations . It really annoys me how they "cant find" so much stuff sent to them, after you've put in so much time, effort and money (you can ill-afford) to do what is asked of you. I don't know if they are still using the Royal Mail handling system they were using a while ago, when RM were opening all DWP bound mail, but perhaps that's got something to do with it. It would be so much easier if there was somewhere you could personally deliver it to, ie Jobcentre, then you KNOW they've got it. But everything gets sent through the mail system which gives them the perfect excuse to say "OOOPPPS, we cant find it/ we never received it". I hope you get it sorted soon though. good luck.xx

  • hi,please see my post OH MY GOD!! it was easier to reply to everyone this way xxx

  • It's a brilliant reminder to send anything important Recorded! It's totally ridiculous that this happens!

  • hi please see my post OH MY GOD!! it was easier to reply to everyone this way xxx

  • I don't bother sending stuff Recorded, I go straight to Special Delivery. It costs more, but worth it.

  • hi,please see my post OH MY GOD!! it was easier to reply this way to everyone who replied xxx

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