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Breast sore/tender hurts to touch

Hi , I'm in real serious pain in both my breasts. At first a few months ago it was only on my left Breast on the left side of it. Now in he past few days it's got so extreme I can't wear a bra. I can't touch it and I feel the pain all around the side and bottom of the breast , same on the right breast .

I went to see my doctor a few weeks ago she said 'do t worry have primrose capsule and you'll be fine , if it persists then come back'

So I've got an app with my doctor tomorow will we. Wot they say, plus I've booked my tickets to go abroad on the 9th dec for a few months , :( dnt know wot to do , or how the doctors can quiken the process for me to be seen :(((

Please help , don't know nothing about breast pain / cancer/ tumour all sorts going through my head :( ...

Oops my age is 34 4 kids .

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I get this and my rheumatologist said it is part of my Fibro/myofascial pain. Your doctor will advise you, I was also referred to a breast clinic and had scans, mammogram, and other tests done which showed up harmless benign cysts that I didn't even know were there but was told they are not the cause of the pain. I am 49 and have had breast pain on and off since I was in my earlier 20's.

I take evening primrose oil daily but it doesn't always help.

Try not to worry too much but ask your GP for advise and maybe a referral to a breast clinic to put your mind at rest.

Good luck.


Hi there Mary D

Thanks for your reassurance and advise. Just also wanted to ask , how come the pain is that severe I can't even put a bra on . And to add to the pain , without a bra it's even worse as it feels more heavy and hanging :(((

So many problems to deal with .

Thanks again


Hi Like Mary said try not to worry too much. I get this, the first time they were really painful was about 10 years ago, (well before I was diagnosed with fibro) I was also sent to a breast clinic and had all the test, which were all clear thank God, so they said its just my hormones, I still get it on and off.

but of course it's always best to get it checked out.

Good luck and let us know how you get on

Mazz xx


Hi Mazz64

Thanks for your reply ,

I will let you know what the doctor recommends

Night xx


Hello Anastasia007

I know just how you feel, my breast pain was what first prompted me to see my GP, this was three years ago, he sent me to the breast clinic and I had all the test, mammogram, scan they found several lumps in both breasts (left one was worse). I had to have a Biopsy in both breasts & the result came back a week later saying I had Fibrocystic Breast Disease, Like you I could not wear a bra, so was advised to wear non-wired bras but even those I could not wear because of the pain. I have tried several types of non-wired bras & those Sloggi Comfort type tops, but they cause me pain too.

My GP has since prescribed me with Capsaicin Cream which I apply all around the body where the bra band would sit 4 times a day, the cream does help but I still can only wear a bra for a couple of hours at a time, but could not wear a bra without the cream, I only ever wear a bra now when I have to go out of the house.

I have since been diagnosed with the full 18/18 Tender Points of Fibromyalgia and Costochondritis as well as other conditions.

I don't want to worry you but thought this info might help you to understand other conditions that can cause this type of pain problem which is worth speaking to your GP about maybe he/she could give you some of the cream to try. It also might be a good idea for you to google the conditions I have so you have more info to speak to your GP about.

I hope this info helps you and you get some relief from your pain soon.

Best Regards Jay x


these new bras they sell in Asda, sorry can't think of their name, may be some one else can think of it, I find them ok. the unpadded ones were better.

i have tried these and Sloggi. As much as I prefer the cotton of Sloggi I don't think their fabric is as good as it used to be in the sloggi ones.

I really I would prefer not to wear non cotton, but it was more of a need for a bra. I'm not big, but found i was in more pain by not wearing a bra.

M&S used to sell support vests. you could get away with wearing them as a Tshirt if you wanted as they had like a support shelf. don't know if they still sell them.

I would prefer to go without but i think it is important that we do support what we have.

I tended to find that the pain was hormone related but its always best to get it checked if you are worried. i wish you luck and hope all is ok xx


hi you must be freaked out about this, at least you r going back to the gp , keep going till you are happy. I am 44 and still learning to live with this fibro, recently I changed my bra from underwire with hooks to a pull on bra made by genie from bhs have not look back since. I can still find a tender spot, but hell of a lot better than it used to be , give it a go you have nothing to lose good luck .


Hello everyone,

Well , I went to the doctors today and guess what he said.... " it's not a lump, it doesn't look different in any way, there's nothing to say from his professional advise that there is anything I should be worried about, and it's very normal to have breast pain and just keep taking ibuprofen "

I got soo p****d off , I thought what the hell he's suppose to be a doctor abd he's not taking my concern seriously and fobbing he off with doctor lines ...

Well I wasn't having it, I then told him " there's no skin off your nose nor mine , I don't see why your soo reluctant to send me to breast clinic , withing a matter of weeks the pain has spread from my left breast to my right and it's very very uncomfortable , I'm not questioning your professionalism but it's best a a patient I gave the resistance than walking away from here forcing my mind to be happy with your naked eye expertise ( meaning his examination) ....

I could see he got his boxers in a twist then said ok , it'll be a couple of weeks before you get a date . He said it'll be a letter through the post .

I asked him about primrose capsule , he said he didn't know much about them but I could try see if it works .

Bottom line , I wasn't happy with the appointment , the lack of empathy and support demoralised me and doctors nowadays , but I will wait and see what's to come .

I was also thinking to wear my usual padded push up bras, see how I get on if I can tolerate the pain it would it make it worse ? And answers ladies, let me know .... I'm getting more support and advise here than I did at ye doctors today . Xx


I heard in the USA that breast pain and sensitivity, some lumps are from

sources of caffeine. A friend told me that she has to stop with the chocolates,

the colas and coffee, teas..anything with caffeine in it. She said that it would

come and go over the years depending on the amount of caffeine. When I had

my breast exam, it was clear but they automatically asked me if I drank colas,

coffee, teas, other sodas or If I ate a lot of chocolate..they kept that on file.


Another lady that I met told me that the doctor said that she was fine and had

to just deal with the tenderness. She kept insisting and by george, they found

the cancer..so I always keep that in mind.


i 2 have fibromyalgia and wearing a bra or any tight clothes hurts a lot i wear a genie bra and they are comfortable ,anastasia please phone your doctor and get an emergency apointment for that day explain in detail how worried you are please let us know how it goes ,good luck


Hi mason

What is Fibro , I'm going away for 3 mths nxt week.

How worried should I be ?? Pls reply

I went to the doctor ystday he was adamant it's all normal I shouldn't worry ,


Hi all

Several years ago, I had breast pain for around a year. The pain was unbearable (I can laugh now, but I had to hold my bust just to walk as I was in such pain!!!).. I ended up going to the breast clinic and was informed it was mastalgia.

I was convinced it was a fungal infection and managed to get a referral to the NHS homeopathy hospital in London (Great Ormond St) (which is over an hour via train to get to London). There were, at the time, 5 NHS homeopathy hospitals in the UK. They put me on a yeast free diet and amazingly the pain went. I also buy my bra's from M&S (wire free).


I have just joined this forum. My name is Barbara, and I am 70 this month. I have had Fibro/ M.E. for eight years and have a lot of pain in my breasts, as all of you have. I found a hard, painful lump this week and steeled myself to go to the doctors, even though I had had a mammogram in January this year which proved to be clear. (It was just a routine one.) On examination the lovely lady doctor said that it was more than likely to be a benign cyst, due to fibrocystic changes in my breasts. I had one in my other breast in 2009 which was aspirated and found to be due to the Fibro. I was very relieved, and she told me just to take Ibuprofen, and come back in a month if it was no better. I hope that helps other people.....worry is an awful thing !!


This is great, just found this post and it helps to explain a lot. I have really sore breasts, hurts when I wear a bra and hurts when I don't, but I do need support. I have found that even my ribs are sore just below the bra line. Will try one of these pull on bras and see how I go, I was told they didn't work too well for ladies with a bigger bust, any one able to put me right we are talking an e cup...Thanks Susan X


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