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Good morning everyone,

I just wanted to share a bit of good news, I posted my DLA renewal forms two weeks ago & this morning I got the brown envelope! I have been awarded the high rate for mobility & the middle rate for care (the same as I've been getting for the past two years). They didn't contact my GP & they didn't ask me to go for a medical either! The relieve is unbelievable & I'm just so chuffed, so good luck to anybody going through the process, it's not always bad news in the dreaded envelope :-)

Love & gentle hugs,

Tracey xx

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Thats good Tracey, i am pleased for you. Its the same as i was awarded and it does make a big difference


So made up for you thats the way it should be i waited over 12 months and had to go 45miles for a assesment which was a killer .but the out come was good got to reaply 2016 but got it till 2017 xx


Congratulations :) the exact same thing has just happened to me too :)

They upgraded mine to include lower rate care on top of my higher rate mobility DLA as well, which astounded me and my hubby but made us very happy :)

xxx sian :)


Great news. xx


Congratulations. :-) So nice to hear good news. Xx


Wonderful news it must be such a relief and in such a short time period too.x


I have DLA which is now called PIP but I don't have the high mobility rate. Mobility is such a difficulty for me, yet when I went for the assessment I was awarded standard for mobility. Does anybody out there know how I can get this reassessed and increased to the higher rate?


Hi Lady Penelope,

My DLA hasn't been changed to PIP yet, thank goodness, but I will try & help you. Could you get written evidence from your GP, regarding your mobility difficulties? I have found that the more evidence you send with your forms, the better it is & this helps them to decide whether your entitled to low, middle or high rate, both for care & mobility.

If you ask for your claim to be reassessed, it's vital that you present new evidence. You should tell them what sort of aids you use to help you with your mobility, including rails, like the bannister or rails to help you to get into & out of the bath, rails around the toilet etc. Mention things like those long-handled grabbers, if you have one, also a shoe horn or a device that helps you to pull your socks or tights up etc.

If you have to complete further forms to be reassessed, make sure you include everything about your day, for instance, how do you get up from the settee, do you hold furniture to help you get around inside ect. No detail is too small, so use the boxes to explain exactly how you are affected by the issue, don't just tick boxes, they really do need to know more than a tick box can provide.

Finally, if you see somebody in person about this, they will take note of what you were like when you walked into reception, so just be yourself & don't lay it on thick because this can be spotted a mile off!

I really hope this helps, good luck with it & if you feel you need further help, just message me & I'll do my very best again.

Love & gentle hugs sent to you,



Hi everybody,

Thanks so much for you're kind comments, you have all made me feel a bit squishy (that could be the meds tho, lol :-)

Love & gentle hugs sent to every one of you!

Tracey xx


That is absolutely wonderful news to read, well done and congratulations.

Good luck



I thought they were phasing DLA out?

I get confused thought it was pip now

Well done on getting awarded well deserved and will help tremendously.

Kind regards


X x x👍😊


Fab news, mine is up for renewal in september so I'm keeping my fingers crossed xx


Well done


Well done Iv got my assment on Monday not looking forward to it its in anther town my husband is taking me be glad when it's all over x


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