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incorrect decision on DLA care

Morning all. I have just had my letter back from DWP about my DLA renewal. I have been put on high rate mobility and low rate care. Previous I was awarded high rate on both. I started to read their reasons and it appears they have not read through the notes, questions or my additional information t draw this conclusion.

I will ring them this morning and ask them to review it before I go to appeal.

The good thing with their response is it actually only took 2 weeks from me submitting it to them. I received a text from them 2 days after I posted it, I then received a letter saying it can take up to eight weeks and then the offer letter on Saturday.

they have awarded it till 2016

have any of you had the same problem with their care being downgraded and how did you get it reversed.

many thanks


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i was only getting low care & because i went on about mobility they stopped my care, so both are being appealed


when was that bluebell


hi, it was last year when i finally had a diagnosis of fibromyalgia & osteo-arthritis, as it said in the notes to let them know if your g.p. says your disability is going to last longer than the award time. so i called to tell them & asked for re-consideration on mobility, this was last year in may,i got the decision in june so appealed it then. my low care i had been receiving for 3 yrs was due to be renewed in december, i filled in a form & was turned down so i appealed that too, as neither have been heard they are both being heard on the same day.


Hi bbstport

Just want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I am sending you positive thoughts.

Good luck

Ken x


thank you all for your replies



Hi Belinda

Hope u are feeling good.I suffer from fibro,migraine & facial pain for many years.Offically diagnosed with fibro in 1997.At present I am getting both at the lower rate .My condition got worse so applied again but they did not change I gave up as I cannot handle all the form filling.Good luck with your claim

Take care.



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