OMG! !! I'm in shock!

Hi all. Just thought I would share my good news, as we don't hear much of that these days. I have been on higher rate mobility and higher rate care for the past two years and was sent a new DLA form to fill out but only could bring myself to doing it last weekend. My hubby went and photocopied it for me and sent it off on Monday of this week. I just got a brown envelope in the post this morning assuming they were going to tell me i had filled something in wrong, but to my utter shock, it was a confirmation letter to say I have been awarded higher rate of both again for a further two years!!! I cannot believe it. I am in total shock but am also so happy and relieved at the same time. I so desperately needed this as was made redundant in March and have been struggling since. I have managed to get a part time job and have been worried what going full time would do to my health but I don't need to worry about that now. I know we bash the people at the DWP for all the things they do wrong but I have to thank them for being so efficient and understanding this time. So for anyone out there who is struggling or scared about applying, I hope you take some encouragement from reading this. And I wish you all luck. Good things do happen to good people sometimes

All the best to everyone. JT

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  • Oh JT that is fab, wow and SO quickly, I'm so pleased for you, it must be a great great relief ! :-) As you say DWP get it wrong, but not every time, a friend on here got good news this week too and you are right, good things do happen to good people sometimes. :-) :-)

    I trust this will make everything a whole lot easier for you and now you'd don't have to worry about full time work, I'm sure that alone will make a huge difference.

    Best wishes :-)

    Foggy x

  • Excellent, JT that is amazing! and as foggy says.... so quickly.

    It must feel good to know that you don't have to fight for what you need :)


  • Hi,

    JT, I know how you feel :) I got my letter on Thursday saying I had been given higher mobility and medium care. For the last year I've had lower care, so this will, like with you, make a huge difference when it starts in January. I was so excited when I read the letter, as I was expecting it to say I was to get nothing. At last, I will have some money in my bank!


    Pip xx

  • Aw! excellent news pip xxxzebxxx

  • Yes, everything seems to be moving in the right direction at the mo. Not fibro of course, but other things :D xx

  • Good for you Pip. Well deserved ~ I'm really pleased for you.

    Gentle hugs

    Coz xx

  • Hi Jt excellent thank you for sharing your good news, what a relief it must have been for you to know your ok for another two years!

    Take care xgins

  • great news!

    thankyou for sharing, it gives hope to others :)

  • yay . thats great news , happy for you . if you dont mind me asking what illness do you have and how does it effect you daily . i am just curious as to other peoples illness's . since being diognosed with fibromyalgia myself.

  • Hi all. Thank so much for all your good wishes. I am so pleased that I have one less thing to worry about. I may sound ungrateful, but don't mean to, but it would have been lovely to have got it for 3 years then I could have got myself a car, which would have helped immensely. I am debating whether to write to them, thanking them for their decision but wondering if they could review it to see if I could have 3 years. As they say , you don't ask you don't get. But I wonder if I am pushing me luck. Any thoughts???

    To ScareyMary, no I don't mind telling yet what I have and how it affects me. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with depression, then 6 months later with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. This affects my ability to walk unaided, experience short distances I can use a stick but anything more then it's the wheelchair. I have constant, chronic pain, insomnia, Ibs, panic attacks, reduced mobility and strength. My hubby has to help me wash, dress, push of around, cook all our meals. The list is endless

    I hope this helps

    Gentle hugs all round


  • great to hear good news.I am bed bound 90% of the time with fibro,chronic fatigue and depression and I tried for DLA 3 times over 5 years and was rejected everytime.I have not been able to work for 5 years not even a part time job.Well done to you.Ithought DLA had finished and it is PIP that you have to go for

  • Oh bless you. Have you had any help from CAB or dial? You deserve it from what you are saying

    Just filled in the form they sent me. I'm not liable for change to PIP nor a few years I believe

    Good luck and don't give up, I know it's hard but worth it if you get a good result.


  • As long as you have high rate DLA for more than a year you can get a car. I had 16 months left on mine when I got my car.

  • You're very correct. I looked on the website and it does indeed say you said. So we will be having a look at the motability site at cars. Thanks again Lynnecw. Much appreciated.

  • Congratulations JT. I am just so amazed at how the decisions are so random by DWP. I am currently getting low rate care and am waiting on a reassesment decision after Atos medical. My illnesses are similar to your, but in addition to Fibro & Depression I also have IBS, Urge Incontinence, Arthritis in knee & shoulder, Lumbar Sondylosis, Plantar Facilitis and Meneires disease. I suffer terribly with the pains in my lower back, knee and legs and have dizzy spells, stumbles and falls. Yet am having such a battle to get anything above lower rate care.

    It's madness

  • Unbelievable. I must admit I had a fight to get it when I first applied. I had to go to tribunal too. Also had a medical. Never want to have to do that again. Maybe they looked at my newest claim and realised what I went through the first time, what was on my claim form and the fact that my condition and situation isn't really changed.

    I too suffer lower back and leg pain, and stumble or falls

    Good luck with your claim. Don't give up


  • Oh really? It was my understanding that the rental period was 3 years.

  • Hi jt can I ask what kind of part time job you do I lost my dla because I worked even though I told them what work I done am allealing now at a tribynal dredding that x shaz

  • That's disgraceful. It is my understanding that you can work and claim dla. I do reception work. So sitting at desk, answering the phone etc

    Have you got any advice from cab or dial regarding this? You should get some advice.

    Good luck.

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