Dla is very draining !

Just putting this out there but why o why is it so hard 2 get proper dla when we r really suffering !!! Cracks me up and pulls me down every letter that comes thru the door that bloody brown envelope !! Then what gets me is the ones out there that doesn't need it I no u can't tell if someone needs it by the look of them , but it's such a horrible process 2 go thru when some of us r so unwell !!

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  • I know fibro is such a horrible illness, the way it affects our lives is unbelievable. Everyday is a challenge and I wish these bloody people would understand that. Our illness is never going away and it will get worse I've had it for few years now and as time goes on it Is progressing and dragging me down physically and mentally. Take care gentle hugs.

  • Well said panther237 . Noone understands fibro until they are disabled by it . Horrible horrible illness mentally and physically . I am so drained today after phone calls and letter writing all day with small amounts of rest in between to gain evidence for my appeal . My mind will still be whirling with all this pressure tonight in bed while i try to get a mingy couples hours of sleep then carry on again tomorrow . Feeling sick aswell as well as everypart of my body drained and hurting . Big hugs

  • I'm taking it as a question despite the !!!'s. Why its hard '2 get proper dla', - it is by design!!! Ill and disabled people are easy pickings. The bullies in government target the vulnerable, not rich bankers et al who are hard to pin down. The Nazis started by eliminating disabled people, Britain today echoes those same values. Unless you're a unit of productivity you're dispensable, worthy only of condescension and scorn. The economic justifications are pure fiction, as ATOS, Capita and the other vultures cost far more than is saved. So let the brown envelopes come, go to assessments and all the other charades the paper pushers dream up, but expend minimum energy on any of it. They are not worth it!!! Instead save your energy to be good to yourself and heal fully. Best Wishes.

  • Well spoken!

  • I had the brown envelope this week; eight pages of A4 just to let me know my Low care component will be increasing by about 30p a week! What a waste of paper and postage!

  • Tell me about it ESA tell me I am to ill to work and put me in support group ,I get a man from atos the week every body else gets a woman from capita for pip they all get pip ,and I have more going on and have had little help for best part of a year and I get refused so now I am off to court I think but I have an advocate in court :) life's strange ,keep chin up its the only way :)

  • I worked in a car sales environment for a short time as it was a job! Turned out to be my second from last before I had to give up work!

    One of the sales guys there was in charge of Motorbility and sometimes used to get his customers to speak to me about their conditions and mine? Some even admitted they were in better condition than me and on full mobility? I did try and failed but after much research I see now that I did not answer the questions in DWP speak but as a "I am proud human being under playing my problems"

    It took me over 15 months to get ESA Support after an appeal which left me drained so have been putting off the PIP!

    I am one of those that does not look disabled unless I walk or do anything but I am still judged!

    Be Well

  • I would give anything to be able to go back to the job I left and my ex manager has asked me if I feel any better now to come back .. haha .. any better? Don't you hate getting asked that ? I've been turned down for esa and having to sign on at jobcentre tomorrow or I will have no income .It's a joke . Anyone who employs me will regret it . Pending appeal I am so anxious and stressed and where I normally get one day a week where i feel a little bit human I haven't had a good day for ages with all this going on . I know exactly how you feel not looking disabled is our downfall and that seems awful to say but its true . Even my own children don't understand how fibro feels and I have tried to educate them as to why some days mum hasn't got the energy to get dressed and walks round like 90 year old .

    Take care

  • I have had some ask me to come back but when I say I would love to but if I have a bad day and cannot that would cause them problems as I used to do presentations for business which can be booked months in advance?

    I did not lose £25,000 a year because I wanted too!

  • Exactly . We are all not out to cheat the system. Most of us want to work and are depressed because we know we can't because we are unreliable , we can't do tasks repeatedly or safely physically and mentally . I had a lovely job where I was gaining qualifications for promotion meaning better pay . I have had this taken away from me . I have not thrown it away . Very sad .

  • I just want to wish you all the best of luck with this. I am sorry but I do not have the answers?

    Good luck


  • Yes it's not wot we look like on the out side it on the in side by looking at people u can not tell I look good on the out side at the mo but not on the inside Iv got my assment in morning fist think in anther town but all so got DN coming before I go to take bloods not looking forward to it x

  • Hi Lesley61 They just dont get it that we can't have too much on in one day . It drains us of all our energy and our brains can't cope with out as well as our bodies. Good luck tomorrow . Have you looked online for the assessment questions so you can test yourself and be prepared for it or have you had assessments before . Is this for pip or esa ? x

  • Yes still had some steps to go up was nafft when I got in there but we will see the lady was nice but u forget think till u get out side just glad it's over now just have to Waite and see but she did not know had been in hospital again till I told her but it was in my notes x

  • My daughter has recently been awarded PIP and we had gone out for lunch and as she was parking the car in a disabled bay two pensioners started to have a go at her telling her she couldn't park there as she wasn't disabled. They don't have a clue what life is like for us they judged her because she was young I wasn't near the car at the time as they probably wouldn't have said anything then as they would have seen me with my crutches. Some people are so very quick to judge how others look and if you cant physically see a wound they assume you are fine what they don't see is the days you cant go out at all or the nights when you cry yourself to sleep. I would love to go back to work to meet people not just for the money my last relationship ended i think partly to do with finances we just couldn't afford to live together and after a few months it took its toll as my ex partner always worried about money. I couldn't do a thing about it if i could have gone to work and earned a wage we may have been able to make it but obviously there were other issues as well. I just don't know what they were as i was never really told. I find one of the hardest things being on my own so much of the time. Whereas if i was out at work i would be with people. But as i don't sleep when normal people sleep and my body will not let me do much at all now after having this for over 25 years my options have sort of run out. Ironically a friends husband has just been awarded PIP both at highest rate and is now getting more money than me and has just fully decorated a house they are moving in to as they have sold theres. She also gets the benefits but DLA as she claimed after me whatever i do she does. The next step is they will be trying to get a council property which is why they have sold their house and will walk away with a lump sum of money which is going to be hidden how is all this fair. He has fitted new kitchens, new bathrooms etc and gets highest rate i can't lift the kettle to fill it. The whole system is ridiculous and makes me so angry sometimes I want to put in for PIP as i have deteriorated but am scared to in case i lose what i get now and will then be totally stranded.

  • I never put in for it when I had my stroke but when I lost the use of my leg in December that's when I put a clam in for it I have worked all my life and it killing me not going to work as u sed people do huge u cos u look good some times that's when they think they nothink wrong with u but they do not see wot u are like on the inside I never go out unless some ones with me u need to put in for it good luck xx

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