Got lower rate care dla

I have been in receipt of higher rate dla mobility component for around 12 years on a indefinite basis - I never claimed care as I always under played my symptoms - anyway after my recent ESA medical when I was put into the support group I decided I was going to apply for the care as I am having to increasingly rely on husband and daughters for personal care help, I have always filled in the forms myself and never had a problem - but when I received the ESA50 I heard everyone saying really you need help and advice in getting the wording correct so I had the CAB help the result was a medical assessment - in a way I was better positioned when it came to applying for care as the DWP already had the statement from their medical advisors, as a result this morning found out I keep my high rate mobility and now qualify for lower rate care, backdated x both are given indefinite - well indefinite until

PIP!! Gentle hug ax

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  • That is good news.

  • that's great to hear im in the procces of having my change of circumstances form done by council on disability its taking ages which im not to happy about already been twice got another appointment tues to fill in remaing part of form on my last review for dla I was changed from high mobility down to low (I can bearly walk and am in severe pain when I attempt to walk )so I am going to challenge them as im in desperate need of a scooter just so I can get out of this house occasionly I and also my gp and other people cant believe it was ever changed to low as its quite obviouse to anyone with eyes in there head the difficulty I have with mobility,but im scared also as I know they can take dla of you .x

  • Hi therei have never applied for any of these although I have had fibro and spondylosis ofthe lower spine for over 50 odd years, what is it and I wonder why no one has ever told me or is this a new thing for the under retirement ages ?, gentle hugs to u all xxx

  • I was in that position unsure of whether to apply for the additional benefit as I didn't want to lose my existing claim x good luck munchkin x

  • congratulations I love it when someone wins xgins

  • Great news.....would't it be a great idea for all those who have been succesful in filling out forms perhaps be a .?????..there you go can't think of the know..... when you..?????? a spiritual guide but not....or perhaps samples of succesful applications posted so we all know the right words to use.....I crtainly need one as you can see.?????

  • Tbh it took me a long time to fill it in due to forgetting words, I know you can help and advice from this site email the mods they point you in the right direction!

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