Phew...... DLA/PIP continuing

Phew...... DLA/PIP continuing

I've just opened a dreaded brown envelope, fearing the worst I tried to cross my toes and hope......well, it worked ! I've just had confirmation that they are continuing to pay me at the low care rate, which I am fine with (thankful for small mercies), and then reams of interesting reading to last me through the rest of the day. I know in my head they had said indefinite, but with all the changes etc, I wouldn't be surprised at anything that drops through my door in a brown envelope !!

Thankfully. Foggy x

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  • Congrats same as me ... Indefinite means you won't be re assesed unless you ask for it until October 2015 .... But as the new system will probably descend into chaos with the amount of appeals we could be dead before they back to us again... I like to think positive :)

    VG x

  • Rushes out to buy brown envelopes in bulk to post to foggy

    Grins evilly


    VG x

  • You evil grinner ....... just you wait......I'm hallergic to brown envelopes. ..,....

    Goes off to hatch a cunning plan for revenge.......

    mutter ...mutter.....mutter

  • Great news Hun!xxx

  • Aww thank you all, it is a huge relief :-) Foggy x

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