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A little bit of good news today! DLA tribunal!


I had my DLA tribunal on Thursday,my partner came with me for support which was great,the three members on the panel were very welcoming which made me feel at ease as I had been working myself up a bit about the whole thing!

I had put in for my claim last July which at that time I wasn't as bad as I am now,so throughout the whole proceding I had to refer back to then which at times was quite difficult but I apologised on several occasions and they just kept saying its fine just take your time,I was in there for an hour which had overrun by half hour,so many questions!

Well the good news for me is I won my appeal!!

Sadly I didn't get the mobility because back then I wasn't so bad but I did mention several times how things were now mobility wise which they could see but couldn't take into account,anyway I am awarded the Lower rate of care back dated to last July until 11th July 2014,I presume I have to re-apply again which hopefully they will take my mobility into consideration.

I know its not a lot but its been a long road and after I had had my ATOS medical was going to give up.

I used to read on here people saying dont give up but its true,I needed to go through with this not just for me for but for all the genuine people out there needing help,we mustn't let them win!

I thought you all might like to know how I got on,my advice to anyone is..I know how your feeling and what your going through but you must follow this through.


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Glad you got the care component .... Am not surprised you didn't get the mobilty ... I can't drive ... walk on sticks or use a mobility scooter and I can't get mobility .... I think if I dropped dead they would suggest a coffin on wheels.. So I still wouldn't need mobility

Anyway care is better than nothing

VG x

pinkblossom in reply to Hidden

Thanks VG,LOL about the coffin on wheels..made me smile even more!

Like you say its better than nothing..a long old journey,at last I can stop worrying about it!


Ohh glad you got some good out of it even if its not the whole package but you be back dated too so that's a bonus for you .

I was turned down DLA but it contradicts everything so we will continue to fight and make it clear how we feel too .

Xxx hugs caroline

Sorry to hear you was turned town,I was sure I was,good on you for continuing to fight..you will get there in the end.


Good news! I think you can apply again now to get your mobility bit as your condition has gotten worse? They do say to tell them if your condition improves or gets worse, its a case of whether you feel up to doing that now after your tribunal experience xx

pinkblossom in reply to snowbell

Morning Snowbell,thanks for your message,Interesting to hear I may be able to apply again for the mobility side,I think I may ask a question on here to see if anyone knows for sure.

Since the tribunal I have been really exhausted and my pain levels have shot up but as for going through it again for another year then yes I think I would,I will deffinately look into it.


Hi Pinkblossom

Conngratulations on a successful Tribunal hearing, it is really nice to hear when someone is successful. I just wish it could be the same for everyone that attends...


Liam Carter

Senior Case Manager

My Benefit Claim


pinkblossom in reply to cjw064

Thanks Liam,I wish others were lucky aswel,we all need to not give up,I'm intrerested to hear what Snowbell has written about applying again for the mobility side,something I will have to look into!


nice to hear good news.Well done.Got my ATOS medical tomorrow and I am in pieces.

My appeal for DLA was horrendous.I was treated like a criminal.The people on the panel were very rude.The doctor could not speak English!!!!

pinkblossom in reply to mub40

I'm sorry to hear you had an awful exsperience with your appeal,so many people are being treated like criminals which just isn't right,I must have been so lucky to have friendly welcoming panels.

Is it today you've got your medical?if so good luck,my medical was not nice,I deffinately felt like a criminal then,his beady little eyes were everywhere,there were things in his report that I didn't say or do! The medical was far worse for me.

I hope things go ok for you.


mub40 in reply to pinkblossom

thankyou the ordeal was a nightmare starting off with a 3 hour wait!I took letters from my therapist and other letters regarding my illness and the bloke said do you want these back(he hadn't even looked at them) I said no they are copies for you to read and keep in my report.Got to wait 4 weeks now to see what happens!

pinkblossom in reply to mub40

Thank goodness that ordeal is over for you,I can imagine you are totally drained like I was,try and rest up now and put it to the back of your mind,I know its easier said than done!

thank you so much.so good to be able to vent to someone who understands.

Im in bed resting as it really took it out of me.

Congratulations. That definitely is a bit of good news! Expect to get my first refusal from DWP for DLA so good to know that persevering pays off!

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