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Weight loss surgery

Morning all

My GP has refered me for weight loss surgery. I have been thinking this is the only path that will work for me now for some time and I was suprised to have his support after years of health professionals telling me to loose weight, as though it's that easy.

I would love to hear from others who have had weight loss surgery. How was it leading up to surgery and following.

Talk soon x

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Wishing you well, not an easy decision but often the right one. Lou xx


Hi Burnsallbabe

I have not had anything of this nature, but I wanted to wish you all the best of luck with yours, good luck!

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hope it works for you. Worked for a friend of mine but not had any personal experience. I lost a lot of weight on a very low calorie diet and when started to eat again and not excessively all went back on again. Always watch the TV programmes about people who have tried this, and it is not a quick fix it appears that you also have to do the work.

Gentle hugs.



I have also been referred for weight loss surgery. My husband had it 2 years ago and his diabetes and sleep apnoea disappeared straight afterwards. As part of the programme you have to attend a weight management course for 6 months. This has been really good as you attend with a group of people and share your experiences and they give you guidance on monitoring your intake and your relationship with food. I have been attending since 17/11/2014 and have lost just over 1 stone and I have not cut anything out of my diet. They encourage you to keep a food diary so you are aware of what you are eating and how much. My aim is that by the end of the program I will not actually need the surgery as I would have lost a substantial amount of weight and can maintain this.

After my husband hand the surgery he lost 9 stones. For the first year he had to take a lot of medication and for the first few month was on mainly liquidized foods. He eats normally now but much smaller portions. It has worked really well for him.


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