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HELP! The weight keeps going on! Has anyone tried the Green Coffee miracle weight loss seen online?

Apparently, if you get the pure kind they can aid weight loss, but I am also concerned that there are some details online saying if you get the wrong ones there are horrid side affects!

I think I can trust you to give me a more honest answer than someone selling the stuff. I have put so much weight on with Lyrica and Amitrityline. I am almost 20 stone!

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I just went and googled this and read some reviews ...this amazing miracle cure made one of the people reviewing it lose 2lb a week . And that was after she added yet another supplement.... You can do that by cutting out junk food and eating slightly smaller portions of normal food I am on week three of my diet and have been losing this amount just by cutting out the junk snacks.. Also as you say when I googled It I found many different types offered.... you just don't know what you are buying online and assuming it is all safe I wouldn't pay good money to lose the same amount of weight you can do on your own safely

VG x


Hi Sarah Jane,

Like all so-called miracle cures, this is almost certainly a complete waste of money, so I wouldn't go there. They only get results by limiting your food intake as well as taking their product, and you can do that on your own.

Your doctor's practice may have budget for you to join a slimming club like Weight Watchers or Slimming World - both have proven results for people with stubborn weight problems, and don't rely on you starving yourself or taking strange preparations.

Personally, I always found Slimming World good, as it's less restrictive, but apparently Weight Watchers gets quickest results, so it's whatever suits you best, and if your GP practice will help towards the cost you can't lose! Well - only weight of course!

VG is absolutely right - do it safely on your own!

Hope you manage to find a good solution to your problems!

Love Moffy x


I am also on Lyrica and Amitriptyline. I have found the Lyrica gives me increased appetite. Initially I went with the flow, but when my clothes got too tight, back to Slimming World and behaving myself. I am only losing 1lb a week, which isn't much, but it is better than gaining more. I can still eat until I am full, but the right foods instead of junk. VG is right, cut out the junk. satisfy the cravings with fruit and you should see some results.

Don't waste your money on fad diets, they so rarely work.

calories = energy, so you need to consume less energy than you use to lose weight

Good luck

Em xx


Seems like we have yet another miracle diet, so many around at the moment.

Please note folks there is no miracle diet, the only way to healthily lose weight is by doing it slowly and responsibly, to eat healthily getting all your nutrients etc. If you lose weight too fast, you will put it all straight back on with other diets.

We also have to bear in mind our Fibro and other conditions and also our meds. Please seek medical advice before embarking on any diet to ensure it suits you.

Joining one of the well known slimming organisations as Moffy mentions is also a responsible way to diet as you are monitored, but it is still worth mentioning this to your GP first.

Please diet safely folks! Take care everyone!

(((hug))) xxx



Don't buy it online, I bought some last year, they came, I tried it, then the next month more came (which I didn't order), I tried calling them, after looking on every web site to find the number, they have your credit card details, and they just keep sending you the bloody tea and take your money. Got it cancelled in the end. If your have a Chinese supermarket near you, they sell near enough the same tea, not nice tasting to begin with, but you get use to it, have about 4 cups a day. I've been drinking it for about 2 weeks and lost 5lb (with eating sensibly). I've also downloaded a book I saw in the Express on Tuesday, Soup can make you thin, seems like as ball ache, soup for breakfast and dinner, but some good recipes, think I'll stick to cornflakes for now, and soups for dinner. But PLEASE DON'T, buy the tea off the internet, there a rip off x x


Oh, these fad diets!! I've tried them all, believe me, and the only way to lose weight is to eat less. My friends tell me I don't eat enough - 'you have to put fuel in your car!!' Well, this car doesn't travel very far so needs less fuel - is my reply. I'm the same weight as you Sarah-Jane, and I know it's not much fun. Have you tried cutting back on your carbs a bit? I have a friend who weighs far in excess of you and me and her diet consists of cereals and toast!! She barely moves out of the house, cos she can't, but try telling her?? She thinks she's fine cos she doesn't have diabetes, which I think she feels is the go ahead to eat and eat and eat!! XXXXXXX


I would talk to your GP about what support is available locally for weight management. It may also be helpful to track your calorie intake and expenditure to see what's happening - sometimes surprising foods are high in calories. I used to use to do this and found it very helpful.

It is worth noting that some of the drugs promoted for weight loss (many of which work by preventing you digesting your food properly) actually have side effects that would worsen IBS if you have this as part of your Fibro.


Well my fried who also has fibro, has been on the Paul McKenna CD

She has lost lots of weight, listens to it before she goes to sleep. Whatever

Sleep is.

Anyway we both thought that it would be rubbish but it has worked for her

It's the one that makes you think you have a gastric band.

She has the same meals but can't finish the a,out on the plate, great if it works


Sorry made mistakes on the last line meant to say. That she can not

Finish the amount on her plate


Only true weight loss diet is eat less and do more !

I feel your issues with weight gain . I am over twenty stone now and even just thinking of having food makes me gain two stone!

IMO Problem lies in the goodness that the pills burn off leaving the body wanting i found that supplements of vitamins and proteins help to keep healthy as can be but can't seem to get any weight to stay off .

I go from 17 stone to 20 in four or five weeks and back again.

I loose weight and do more .i do more which equals more pain . Which equals more pills . Which equals weight gain which equals do less

So on and so forth

BUT KEEP TRYING MY FRIEND it took fourth years for me to get this fat most in the last 5 years so give yourself a reasonable goal to loose it . I am trying for 2 and half years to get back to 13 stone


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