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On quite a combination of pain killers that if I wasn't carefull, I guess I could have gained weight but by eating healthy and trying to get some exercise, I have lost 13lbs in 6 weeks. Yes, I'm shattered after my visit to the gym but I come out of there with such a sense of achievement and know that I am not sitting down to fibro. Each week when I visit the gym, I try and add 5 minutes on, so far I can manage 30 mins on the treadmill (slow pace I might add) and 15 mins on the bike (again a slow pace) and then I sit in the spa tub for 30 mins to ease my body and that seems to help with any pain I may experience afterwards.

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  • HI Gailbt, firstly well done honey, i too am trying to lose weight and i'm 2lb away from losing a stone and it has taken me nearly 2 months by doing the "Hairy Dieters" book. I haven't been as physical as i would like but i do make sure i hoover through and wash my floors every day and basically keeping house and occasionally walk the dog. It is hard at first but once in a routine it gets easier and i think it helps keeping my pain at bay. I'm starting swimming soon.

    Keep it going xxx

    Rachie xx

  • Well done Rachie on getting some exercise that you can do at home. I'm not very good at home stuff hence I go to the gym. It was hard at first and was in pain a lot but it's getting a littler bit easier, I tend to have a nap afterwards though which I enjoy as I am in a sound sleep for about 3 hours. I'm going to start using the pool there too as they have aqua aerobics which will be good.

    Gail xx

  • Well done Gail and Rachie! Inspirational! I have started taking walks again, building up to walking our two dogs, then hopefully cycling and swimming! I am a very determined person and I will get there one day, I will! :P ;)

    Aquarobics are at my local pool too Gail, a great idea and the water will support you! I definitely want to do that as soon as I can manage it. :) Let us know how you get on :)

  • Well done all of u, I need to loose weight too. I need to do more exercises but can't seem to manage it due to the amount of pain I am in. Docs have taken me off all pain killers and I am going mad with the pain. I wish I could run away from this pain.

  • Another one here who needs to lose weight... I planned on getting up early and spending the day with my hubby and family but I've been awake all night... so I've dug out the wool and hook and I started on another hat....we've nick-named them beanieberets as DD wanted a beanie but I sort of turned it into a beret lol...She's happy with it, so I thought I'd make one for my self too:D I'd love to go swimming again even if i ended up sitting in the whirlpool at the local sports centre lol well done on losing weight and as Liberty said yes you are inspirational, well done :D



  • well done! i also need to lose weight.. gained 3 stone since fibro reared its head.. exercise is the best drug for pain, but sooooo difficult to do..im half asleep all the time lol...however, when i was in spain for a week, i swam every day and came back half a stone lighter...i think it has a lot to do with that giant orange orb in the sky :-) ....something we dont see enough here. i was in very little pain there and felt good overall. i want to exercise here but i dont get home till 8.30pm and i put my pajamas on and blob on the sofa till bed at 10pm...rock and roll :-)


  • We'll dun you! I'm 46 and all my life iv been a size 6 or 8,iv always been thin,in the past year since I have been on pregabalin I have gone up to a size 14!i don't exercise because of the discomfort or pain,also it's hard to find the energy,I know I need to do something it's just finding the motivation to do it! I just feel so hungry all the time,does anyone else just want to sit and eat all the time!? XX

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