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still no change

well still feel that trips to gp are reassurance about anything.

woke at 4am (coughing when lying down)with tightness in neck and pelvic pain,

have just drafted some questions/outstanding issues to discuss with gp on next visit

as to why they persist in saying I have IBS -never had signs of it .,according to the TV advert ,IBS causes cramps and knotting in the abdomen.i have never had those and first I knew gp thought that was in the letter to DWP.

think the latest problems prove it.given Fybrogel and Laxido -which only caused diarrheoa so bad I couldn't go out cos needed to be near a toilet.these are specifically for persistent and chronic constipation-I've never had.,

(sorry if repeating myself)

never considered any other condition-ie cushings -swollen abdomen with thin arms and unexplained bruising.

pelvic pain could be varicose veins as suggested but I can feel the tape inserted and what feels like staples and its dropping(?)

in notes hes recorded "headache"??why?when only problem had with head is nasal/brow bone growth,soreness and swelling and no answer also in temples.this is what I told ENT when referred and response was "its not sinuses".

never been accepted that weight gain is abdominal.

I woke up this morning to find both dogs on my bed-nestled as close as they can -one each side of me.thinking how my Annie is concerned as all she does is "give me that stare".

still cant help feeling its something serious when get fobbed off so much.

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M rning Anbuma So sorry you had a grotty night.

I can understand your worries but I must point out

nothing you describe is related to Fibromyaligia.

Perhaps there is an alternative site which would have more

answers for you.

Do you lie flat at night? Have you had the wretched lurgie that is going the rounds at the moment?

Any way I hope you feel better today and relax do try and make the most of life enjoy your dogs .

Best wishes



hello Ginsing.i guess the closest site is thyroid forum.i sleep on two pillows.i don't think it is related to anything going around -had symptoms far too long.

is it snowing where you are?expected a heavy frost this morning as temperature of -1- 2

but just got up to let the dogs out and everywhere covered in a blanket of snow.


It is snowing here too :)

Why it would be thyroid forum I havent a clue - not going there I think perhaps anxiety forum might help you .

Have a good day



hi ginsing.what snow we had this morning shortlived.wind and rain blown it all away.

why anxiety?am not.

you responded to my other post and mentioned glands.assuming you meant thyroid as dont know of any other glands in front of neck.

as i have lump under jaw and neck "enlarged" as only way I can describe it and is quite visibly swollen and can see where lumps are,be it bone growth,nodules or whatever.i cannot wear high neck sweaters now cos too tight round neck,so if its not thyroid something is going throat is clear according to drs.


Hi anbuma

I am so sorry to read that you are still feeling so poorly, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

Take care

Ken x


thank you Ken.its difficult to have faith in doctors when not had support in the past.after my talk with the practice manager he is at least now accepting what I tell him and acting on it.have got the long awaited referral to a dermatologist and getting CTS next appointment is in february to review meds he prescribed for swellings.i cant see any reduction as yet but my calves are "not as hard" as they were.

All i need now is to get my nose sorted-as those symptoms keep recurring and its 3 years since i saw ENT originally for the same problem.i intend to ask about Post Nasal Drip that others have mentioned as this maybe the cause of my "night time "cough and ask if i can have a scan of my neck as that is one part that hasnt been neck has been swollen and enlarged/lumpy for some time.I hope now i wont get told any more "i cant feel anything" or "I dont know what something is".

woke again with both dogs on my bed.i dont hear them come upstairs but assume its cos they hear me "talking in my sleep"which ive been told I do but obviously cant hear myself. little bit of head pain this morning.

hope you have a good relaxing day.


Hi Anbuma:)

Sorry you're not so well but glad to read you've had some positive progress at the docs.

Fluffie hugs for you Anbuma hopefully positive things will begin to happen for you :)

{{{{{{{{{ Anbuma }}}}}}}}}

xxx sian :)


hi Sian.thank you.lets hope my battle is finally over and 2015 will be a better year(for all of us)


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