sick of gps

put everything to the dr I had written down -swelling pelvic pain possible cysts on knees nasal sores and bone growth -tried to tell me it was "ALL IN MY MIND".showed her all pics of swellings and rashes .persistent with her -refused to refer me to ENT saying she didn't think it necessary and only looked inside my nose when I had to repeat myself to her. .and went on about havign had scans etc and not finding anything .tryign to say its IBS and fibro when again reiterated that i had never had symptoms of IBS and that was an assumption and that it was menopausal or fat and don't get skin rashes /swelling with fibro-she agreed it s all muscle and joints..reminded her that I didnt eat hardly anything and no cakes biscuits puddings etc for years and that my 3 +stone weight gain was all abdo/..despite me saying im so self conscious of it(nose and stomach) every time I get up I don't want to go out unless I have to and my trousers hang below my stomach so cant go out without a long coat on.they have no empathy!!

ended by her saying "we don't know what things are" so i said then refer me to someone who does."

it s not menopausal as only started 2011 -years after my period stopped.

ok so scans were normal but didn't accept I had pelvic bone pain and incontinence.need xray fro bone ?wouldnt acknowledge skin rashes saying they were self inflicted-how can rashes be self inflicted?told her they bleed whenever I dry legs with a towel.going to write to her , maybe the practice manager and the NHS person who is trying to get me an appointment with rheumy.

so sick of uncaring gps and medical profession.why is it only my dogs who show any love and caring(and fellow members on HU).wish I had their money to be so uncaring and unsupportive.

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  • Anbuma did you mention acromegaly?

  • yes i showed her the printout .

  • I think you are being treated unfairly by your G.P. even if your pain is worsened by anxiety it still need to be addressed. I do know how frustrating it is when nothing shows up in the tests you have had. that can be a good thing if you can see it that way. Is there any chance of seeing a new G.p. This is clearly causing great stress to you that also needs addressing. I do wish I could be of more use here. Maybe someone here knows how to contact and complain at a higher level, you need and should get real help and certainly not be told it's in your head. Wishing you well. x Lou

  • thanks Lou

    I am on citalopram for depression side of fibro??and told the dr I was not anxious or depressed as these meds were keeping it under control.the gps are in cohort with each other so what I say gets dismissed.i have someone from nhs trying to get me a referral to rheumatology and have let her know about todays events-maybe she can help get referrals I need to dermatology and ent.waiting to hear from MP also.

    have drafted a letter to her with my thoughts on todays appointment with printouts of lupus and acromegaly plus maybe ill include the photos of my swellings and rashes.

  • I just can't understand your GP. If she honestly thinks it is "all in the mind" and that your rashes are self inflicted then surely she should be giving you more support and making a referral to a mental health unit for support with coping with your illness or a pain clinic for help with the pain not doing nothing. No one is going to admit to having incontinence is they haven't got it. I honestly don;t know what to say to say that could make you feel better. I think you have been very couragous to have coped with all this as well as you have. Let us know how you are going onx

  • thank you guys fro your has been and still is a constant battle.shouldnt have to involve mp and other people to get any help.when all i want is answers and to be listened to.bear the signs and symptoms of lupus -beginning with raynauds,then fibro in 2005 and stable until 2011 when all kicked off .lupus can start with raynauds and lay dormant for many years .skin rashes/sores/nasal sores = lupus.acromegaly -told of yesterday -reason fro CTS ,swelling and thickening of skin on hands ,etc .?

  • Hi anbuma

    I really am sorry that your appointment was such a let down for you! I can imagine that you feel very deflated by your experience.

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • hi ken have sent you a private message.can you give me your opinion please

  • Hi anbuma

    I have had a look and sent you a reply

    Take care

    Ken x

  • Hi anbuma, so sorry you have had such a horrible time with GP. It is so upsetting when the people who are meant to help us are so uncaring and dismissive.

    You are doing the right thing complaining and I hope you get a positive response. In the meantime, is there another GP at the practise you could see for a second opinion? Maybe take a friend or relative with you to the appointment for some moral support?

    I hope you get some help and support & sending gentle hugs. Stay strong xxx

  • my fear is they will say they wont have me on their lists cos i am fighting fro answers etc

  • You must be really frustrated and I know how you feel.

    I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia recently but don't feel it's the correct diagnosis so fighting for more investigations.

    Suggest switching GP if you can to demand a second opinion?


  • hi i hope you have more success than I back from dog walk-kept stopping got rest cos knees achy and pelvic pain.walked to the beach but buster turned round and headed back before even got close -as bus was coming -got it part way home to avoid uphill struggle fro both of us.typing with 4th finger of left hand cos of cts and in right hand palm is "stinging".

  • Hi Anbuma I am shocked at the response you got today, surely they can see whats happening to you! mind you I should not be shocked as i have been shoved from piller to post for 20months now. you need to see mp again and pushhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. fibro can cause pelvic pain but not all your other symptms. wishing you well.x

  • received letter from mp this morning but have to read it again to let you know what it said

  • thanks denvajade.have written to MP few days ago.cos of where my pelvic pain is(right low down)and cos of some incontinence which indicates a failure with op to insert tape to support pelvic floor muscles.mentioning sphincter of oddi,acromegaly and lupus in letter to her drafted this morning awaiting someones opinion on it before sending

  • You really need to switch doctors sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi

  • Ask for lead GP at your practice and explain everything to him/her if you still don't get any where then i think you should go over the surgery. Go on NHS choices website and you can get imfo about complaints procedure. Hope this is helpful and good luck.I agree i have fibro and arthritis many of you synptoms sound like they not related to these illnesses

  • I think my gp maybe the lead gp as he is the one who trains the new gps and is only one of two of the original gps left at the practice.

    symptoms = lupus .

    told of two other conditions orofacial granulmatosis(?)and acromegaly (not sure of spellings)

  • Hi MegMog2

    I didnt mention it myself as am awaiting colonoscopy and a different gp is dealing with that but the female gp mentioned it -in the way that she was saying its not going to change anything before ive even had letter today -pre op is 24th sept and colonoscopy on 2nd oct.

    not given any info on IBD but suspect they will when I attend hospital.

    two people have said this and one gave me a list of foods to avoid-most of which I don't eat anyway btu its hard giving up chocolate.have done ok until yesterday then I really craved some but none in the dr has ever suggested that-they put it all down to fibro.,

    As ive had rashes fro long time -at least 2 years- which could be attributed to lupus -and swellings that are more recent and undiagnosed tho drs acknowledged them-.

    iv e put the pelvic pain to do with the support tape inserted to prevent stress incontinence as this has reoccurred recently and the pelvic pain is very low down in the bone

  • update

    got a letter today from the practice expected no support whatsoever and threats of removing me from their lists if I continue not to believe my dr..basically says I have been offered explanations by doctors and have been seen by consultants who have discharged me and that I am unaccepting of his explanations.

    THIS IS SO UNFAIR AS SO MANY SYMPTOMS NOT ACKNOWLEDGED.GENERAL ALL OVER SWELLING.WHY SWOLLEN TONGUE LIP AND NOSE.Did my gp tell her how he acted towards me ? guess not!they are never wrong.

    I have had slight incontinence again ,cough for two years ,everything is put down to fibro when symptoms clearly are not fibro.

    all i ever want is answers.see Dr D from now on as he is the only one who has will get to bottom of things.

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