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feeling concerned

have just woken up from afternoon sleep.sitting on sofa with my doglet Annie who is pawing me and has the look of concern in her eyes.having had head pain as well as the normal (meaning its there all the time)pelvic and abdo pain ,feeling quite concerned,it was a real struggle to walk my dogs this morning.i believe my head pain (not a headache)to be acromegaly which I hadnt heard of until someone mentioned it on HU -as its in brow and nasal bone plus temples as well-feel pronounced and sore to touch.and have swelling over these areas of forehead..

the first time I saw gp with head pain he recorded it as a headache in my notes.

on searching NHS choices and "head pain" it only came up with various types of headaches.

when mentioned Acromegaly to practice manager she said she had never heard of it and a dr also said the same (cant remember if it s my own or another).if this is a condition then surely gps should know of it ?

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So sorry you are feeling so unwell if you have a persistant headache like that as well as all your other pains I can understand how debilitating it is. Looked it up on the web and there seems to be masses of information about it so I cannot understand why they don't seem to know anything about it. From reading all the information I think they would be able to diagnose it reasonably easily if that is your problem. If you want to find out more about it I have looked up some pages on the web and there seems to be a support group where there is good information on the problem which I found indirectly when looking your problem up. Not sure about the rules for giving the details here so will PM you so perhaps you could give this information to your GP if this pain carries on for any length of time and if you think your symptoms fit the description.

I don't know whether you have had any infections lately but if you have very bad sinus problems it can give you a very funny headache which can be quite sever and above your nose, around the eyes and the brow can swell and be extremely tender to the touch as I have had this. If it is severe it can be very draining and you feel as though your head could explode.

Let us know how you are getting on. In the meantime be gentle with yourself and get as much rest as you can. x

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hello Rosewine.came upstairs fro half hour to rest and must have fallen asleep-woke up again just walk exhausted me.thank you for your reply.i havent had any infections but another flare up of nasal sores.thats exactly how my head feels.when I saw ENT he said it wasn't my sinuses-but that was 3 years ago.havent read your message yet but gp doesn't accept me giving him stuff of the internet btu I don't see why when they don't give me neck is well swollen and ill see if I can get an appointment-have one booked for 5th feb-but none with my gp before that(online).

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Sorry your feeling awful.

Does sound quite typical of sinus pain. I had alot of the same and ENT Consultant found I had serious sinus problem on which he operated on. Helped alot as less sinus infections. Not resolved the rest sadly.

May be worth asking your Dr to refer you for ENT just in case.



hi there.thank you for your reply and dr I saw recently when choking fit -said refer to ENT but when I went back she didn't.i think at least a neck scan should be done.


im not sure whether it is sinus, but have had nasal bleeds fro few years.after 9 months I asked to be referred to ENT and when there told the consultant have had nasal sores/bleeds fro 9 months and nasal bone growth.did treat nasal bleeding btu said nothing about bone growth and his letter said "its not sinuses".still get flare ups of nasal bleeding.i am so concerned my stomach problems are something more -know I dont have IBS-especially cos of weight gain there.have asked fro re referral but refused.need to try again-se if I can get an appointment tomorrow btu doubt it.,next is 5th feb.


What's wrong with these doctors? Never heard of acromegaly? Where did they go to school. It's not much different from those who have no sympathy for nor understanding of fibromyalgia. Makes me spitting mad. Like who hasn't watched "Elephant Man?" Not being funny. It's just ridiculous for people, especially medically trained people, to say it's a new word/medical condition.

Grrrrrrrrrr. Hang 'em high.

I hope you find a doctor who knows what the possibilities are and can treat you for whatever your headaches are. Please don't wait to seek "decent" medical advice. I wish you the best.


Hi clare-hart,exactly./im would think with 7 years training under their belt they would know.what do they learn?not patient care or empathy and it seems unless its a sore throat or something relatively minor its beyond them.i was hoping the talk with the practice manager would encourage them to get their act together .his latest comment being "im not having anything to do with your a stomach.

my dog wanted to go on a long walk this morning but I couldnt do it.pelvic pain from the time i get up and only when im up which suggests to me something pressing on my bladder or something.once again threatened with being remove d.why just cos i stand up for myself and get answers,im not at fault.i just wish my family and friends would support me. a comment received from a family member was"doctors know what they are feeling",.raging again cos they cant feel my pain and if i say i have a lump somewhere feeling in a different location doesnt help.several times been told "i dont know what something is".

seeing dermatologist on 28th for rashes.maybe he will pick upon other symptoms.will also tell him of sores on scalp and fingers which suggest possibly lupus.defo not fibro.


Hi anbuma

I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling well, and I genuinely hope that you are feeling better now. I also want to wish you all the best of luck with getting a diagnosis from your GP.

All my hopes and dreams for you



thank you Ken.keep fingers crossed he will listen to me-tho the appointment I have booked is to see if meds are working on reducing swelling.not so far.managed to do some housework today-first time this week.probably suffer for it me ,now swelling has spread to pelvic area ,indicates something going on.its constantly on my mind,not only because dr's fail to make a diagnosis but cos symptoms etc are dismissed and because of Annies concern-the way she stares at me all the time.


sorry if im repeating myself but I have to air my concerns as no one except my fellow sufferers understand me or support me,give me advice and reasons for my symptoms that doctors don't.bad night sleep -3 hours -pelvic pain and swelling really concerns me,had this I think for 2 years(pain but swelling only recent) definitely since last year.other members have told me it could be varicose veins but it could be down to the tape inserted and it could be more not investigating all "computer" is my only friend besides my dogs.

the cough and "bone growth" I can cope with but not the pelvic pain and abdo,pelvic swelling.trying to get an earlier appointment tho it looks like i'll have to wait til the fifth,

been told stomach is IBS (assumption) and Menopause- but that was by the PM-six years on from period stopping.never told by gp.havent considered cushings disease (have unexplained bruising and thin arms).

them threatening me with removal cos I try to get answers seems a cowards way out cos they know they are wrong and refuse to admit to go ,.Buster whimpering.

8.30 got back from dog walk.very slow walk.ddint go far but took an hour cos me and Buster so slow.pelvic pain excruciating every step painful.heat pads not helping this morning pain killers do nothing,


feeling terrible and scared.couldnt walk uphill this morning when out with dogs-pain in sternum area(acid reflux),my dog stopped in her tracks and dragged me across the road to the bus stop.something she s not done before.came home back to bed.just woken up from hours sleep.head hurts,feel nauseous and pressure against abdominal wall.what is going on?


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