another week passes and I still cough as soon as I lie down on my left today I have been coughing during the day as well.i still wonder what is causing so much pain and discomfort in my belly.can it all be down to gallstones?hopefully I can get the dr to send me for an xray it was sept 2011 when I first got rib pain .pressure and protruding ribs .so when I finally saw a dr in dec 2011 he just said its inflammation and to take ibruprofen.

I m sure that is why I am coughing cos of protruding ribs on my left side.if that is caused by gallstones then why weren't they picked up on before now.

need to ask dr to look at that appt and tell me what was written in my notes.

having to comfort my dog this evening.he s poorly and may have spinal problem.he went into the garden tonight and ddint come back in.i went to look for him and he was lying on wet grass.we are a pair of old cronies together.

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  • I have a persistant cough but lung x-ray was clear.

    hope you and your poorly dog are ok.



  • Thanks Sandra.did your DR say what was causing it?

  • he doesn't know.

  • I have also had a cough for about 18 months and it is worse when I lie down ,I have had two

    chest x-ray's both clears have been to ear nose and throat.I was put on a nasal spray .for six months .That didn't work, so I am appointment for an endoscopy made by ENT

    My GP is going to make an appointment with respiratory next .I said to her well I will find out if it is going to kill me,She laughed an said if it was going to kill you I think you would be dead by now.I have a feeling it is down to Fibro.

  • thank you for your response.i am waiting fro an ENT apt cos have had sinusitis since last april and after 8 months of nasal sprays and antibiotics and nothing working finaly agreed to being referred to ENT.

    I feel doctors in general are too quick to dismiss everything -a sign of times?

  • Similarly, Mollyanna, I have had a cough and a whole series of bad chest infections which had me off work for between a week and 3 weeks at a time every other month for the past two years. Had loads of antibiotics and steroids. Couldn't do my job, which involves a lot of talking, because I couldn't speak without coughing because I couldn't breathe. Had chest Xrays and Spirometry. Both clear. GP initially said Fibro - that the lung is a muscle and couldn't clear the mucus at the bottom of my right lung. He has diagnosed asthma as well recently and I have a purple inhaler and Montelukast tablets. Don't know if he still puts it down to Fibro. So far, touching wood, I have a reduced cough and had only two chest infections since!!! Yay!

  • Forgot to say... Never a history of asthma in my family! so don't know where it's come from.

  • I had a persistent cough and was told it may have been the adult version of whooping cough - apparently there's been a big increase in cases. Over the space of a few weeks I was on 3 lots of antibiotics and in the end it was a course of steroids which calmed it down. I had chest x-rays, my lungs were clear but my heart was slightly enlarged (had the same thing after double pheumonia) - I've now had the all clear from cardiology.

    Hope it all clears up for you soon.

  • i have seen a cardiologist towards end of last year and my heart was fine after dr just said my lungs are clear and as seems to be the norm says no more as to what things could be.

  • I had a persistent tickly cough for months on end - it was a side effect of my blood pressure medicine. Now I know what it is, I don't worry about it!


  • I am not taking any meds fro blood pressure.i think its linked to my ribs which are protruding on my left side and seem to be digging in as well.this could be down to gallstones ,its got worse over the last few days and is painful allthe time not just when lying down.

  • Moffy I had same problem so I stopped taking blood pressure tablets started to pass out in strange places dr not amused lol but back topost when I get the cough I use an old throat lozenger remedy called dequidin can be found even at tesco pharmacy

    every little bit helps said the tesco till operator to her boss when he flashed her petal

  • hi Anbuma

    have you tried sleeping more propped up ? it helped me when i had pleurisy and pneumonia 6 years ago

  • I sleep on two pillows.

  • i actually slept sat up not easy but its what they did when i was in hospital x

  • hi,

    im new to this,i have fibro,sjgrens syndrome,just been dx with asthma,and have had a persistent night time cough for about 9 months now,its that bad it can last for a few hours and its nearly every night,sometimes im coughing that much i cant get my breath,ive had a chest exray which was clear,does anyone no what it could be,thanks xx

  • what if anything has your dr suggested?

  • I've had my gallbladder taken out due to gallstones. All my pain fromit was on the right rib tucked under bra underwire and my op scars are on the right too. You idea to keep trying to get another xRay is best.

  • hello Keepgoing

    I am waiting for a gallbladder op since a private ultrasound scan revealed gallstones and my Dr wouldn't do a scan until a year from last one was up.all my pain is on the left side of my ribs.the only pain i have had on right side is on my back at bottom of right shoulder blade.apprehensive about seeing dr tomorrow cos I have the feeling he wont do anything or listen to me ishould say to him take notice of my dogs they sense something is wrong.

  • Ahhh. Yes. I hope the Dr does listen to you! I was thinking last night.. I had gallstones set off by hormones when I was very pregnant with my first. It was coming up as contractions on the reader thing they have in Delivery Suite. I was ultrasounded the next morning and they said it was gallstones. Following the birth of my daughter (brought on 4 weeks early), I spent most of the next 11 weeks up and down to A&E, until I had the gallbladder removed. It was the best thing!! I felt a million dollars not having to not eat, or stop functioning when I had eaten, for the pain. I hope the Dr listens, takes it in, and does something to help you. The gallstones are horrible things. Best Wishes for the op.

  • The pain you have on your back at the bottom of right shoulder blade sounds like classic gallbladder colic, that's what I had kept getting a little bit worse and a little bit worse, and after one night when the pain was so bad I called an ambulance went in they said ohhh gallstones.... morphine injection for pain , ultrasound showed gallstones and they whipped my gall bladder out the next day..

    Really hope you get that gallbladder sorted soon

    VG x

  • Hi VG

    Just reading your reply with interest,can the pain your on about on your right still happen happen on your left?iv had pain there for weeks,I had another week off work week before last with it,I got in for an X-ray 4 days after seeing my Dr about it and that has come back ok,Dr said he thinks it down to just another fibro pain!

    I even changed by bra to a belvia one to see if that would ease the pain under my left shoulder,it has helped a bit,the pain isn't as bad as time has gone on,but its still there,tonight I'm suffering with indigestion agiain and tummy ache.

    I just wondered what you think.


  • thanks VG.i saw my DR this morning(at 8,30)so my dogs didn't get their walk first thing)and said I hadn't heard from hospital re appts.he said they wait til 8-12 weeks is up and then send an appt.i guess that that is a time limit they have to make appt by.he felt my stomach and it was much more so and painful and said it is still IBS.i said I didnt have a problem with bowels didn't have constipation or diarrheoa.i still think it is something more than IBS as I had that years ago and didnt get any of the symptoms I have now.dont think i can cope with the pain much more.wheni got home I walked the dogs fro an hour and wa sin so much pain after.went to bed.

  • I sure hope my appt comes thru soon or I might have to got A&E

  • don't know quite how I am feeling but have this strange sensation in stomach .(upper abdomen).my Dr still says it is IBS and I still disagree.

    today I felt less like eating anything at all after breakfast.i made myself eat a cheese roll at lunchtime and had some cereal in evening.when I did have IBS years ago I never was this swollen and did not have the symptoms I have now.

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