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FM Diagnosis help?

Morning....oh hang on its PM already. I have a GP appointment tomorrow and am hoping to get some reason....a diagnosis (or start to) for why I'm still suffering with daily pain (its been around 5 years now) if its all in my head. I have stiff and painful joints, back and muscles, I even spent several weeks in plaster last year for a fracture that wasn't even there (MRI ruled out fracture) When its cold and damp I can hardly move, I am often very irritable and my moods fluctuate with the pain levels. I have headaches every single day and live on paracetamol most of the year. I have IBS, I cannot concentrate and can never find the words to explain myself, I have to write everything down but even then I often forget. I can have 10 hours n bed but when I wake up I feel like I've just got there. I wake every night to pee and often lay there for sometime after with a busy head which just wont shut up. I often have to nap in the day but feel guilty and lazy when I do, but when I don't I cannot function. I quite often have swollen glands in my neck which just go down on there own after a few days. I smell weird smells, really strong that no one else can smell, they can last for days or just a few hours then as quick as they come they just disappear.

I feel like I sound like I'm going crazy.....HOW DO I APPROACH MY GP , before they've just said I'm depressed and its causing all these things in my head, but the pain and other symptoms are causing my mood to be low....they just want to chuck me on anti depressants and tick the box, but I just want a reason for feeling rubbish all the time, then I can begin to deal with what to do about it. Do I tell them I think its FM or will they think I'm just being a hypochondriac?

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Take some info with you on fibromyalgis, you can request a pack from fmauk. i hope you get help soon


This is not all in your head, if you feel pain it needs to be addressed. Many years ago I had severe depression and everything was put down to that for quite some time after I recovered, once I'd made it clear that I would not be treated like an idiot things moved along quite quickly and various diagnoses were made. You have a right to be heard, sadly some medics are more up to date than others and you can ask for second opinions and I would urge you to keep looking for answers. We are not medics but I for one have had many of the symptoms you describe. All the Best. Lou xx


Hi Kajast, I think if you could print off this post, along with some of the fact sheets on the mother site, fibro action. There's lots of info for gp's on there. It will help explain your symptoms and your gp should not dismiss you as hypochondriac- that can be very damaging , I know, my gp put that in my notes about me which stopped every gp I saw helping me get my diagnosis. And you are most certainly not being lazy when you nap in the day - you need to be able to rest when needed and not feel guilty about it. I hope your gp can offer you some help, I find amitriptyline helps me to sleep at night, then the world doesn't seem such a bleak place. I hope you get help and understanding when you visit your gp, pain relief as well, and referral to a pain clinic or rheumatologist could help you too, good luck and gentle hugs, Julie xxxxx


The link for fibro action is.

Lots of info for you to look at. but right now im off to bed

See you tomrrow Sue. xx


Hi kajast. I know what you are going through. I have so many of those symtoms: chronic fatigue, often need naps inthe pm, severe headaches, IBS, pain, muscle spasms, soreness and weakness in certain muscle groups, plus weakness and pain due to old injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotater cuff, and torn medial meniscus.

Here is a link to a good site about recent research into FM you might bring to your doc (an awful lot of them just don't get it) in addition to those mentioned above:

For my IBS and the swollen glands in my groin, my gastroenterologist was concerned and referred me to a diet called FOPMAP which has lists of restricted foods and OK ones. Hereis that link:

I am slowly adjusting to changing my diet to comply (so still have yucky symptoms) but is hard to give up some of my favorite fruits and veggies, cashews, yogurt, and my coffee with half and half (coffee is allowed. I am thankful that dark chocolate is on the OK list!

So I am still having the uncomfortable IBS symptoms. Gluten free and lactose free, probably intolerant of both.

Your odd smells are not crazy. Lots of us have sensitivity to noise, light, taste, and probably scent. I can't stand certain perfumes. Maybe these are associated with migraine proneness. For me, paracetamol is useless and I can't take NSAIDS. When I think my headache is bad enough, even without the migraine aura and such, I take sumatryptan with amazing results.

A referral to a pain specialist, maybe a rheumatologist, (I might have missed the suggestion above) might be good to ask from your GP. Maybe you can use holistic herbs or teas or foods that help with energy. A lot of people get relief from aquatic therapy, moist heat for pain or hot baths; relaxing aromatherapy or white noise like a small fountain for helping with sleep.

I hope the support you will find here, the rants and the laughter willhelp you to cope. We empathize with you!

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Hi Kajast

Welcome to the forum and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I agree with what the others have said about taking material with you to your GP. I am certain if they are given this it will make it harder for them to simply dismiss you.

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this, and I sincerely hope that you ascertain a diagnosis one way or the other.

Good luck



Have you ever looked into the condition Ankylosing Spondylitis? Might be worth asking for a sleep clinic referral, too.


Thanks everyone for all your helpful advice and kind words, I went to the GP this morning and was brave and spoke up! I explained the ongoing symptoms and said someone had suggested I speak to my GP about FM. I now have to go and give blood for testing and await to be this space.....


I know exactly how you feel! I have a chronic pain diagnosis, and have similar problems with sleep, smells, concentration etc. I also sprain / tear / injure muscles and joints really easily and have tendonitis. I was assessed for FM but it was ruled out because my pain is too localised and didn't have enough trigger pointe. The pain is mainly my neck and shoulders but I do also suffer in hips, knees etc. It's really frustrating! I hope you results help to lead to an answer. xx


Haven't been here for a whlie. So what's happening now.....I Will tell you. I was referred to Rheumatology eventually about 4/5 months the after my original post 10 months the ago...more blood tests.....several more blood tests....visited consultant twice.....told I had closed. Referred to Physio....still awaiting apt. New refer to neurology.....waiting list.....35 weeks. Don't want to eat pills so taking suppliments instead. Magnesium, B Vits and 5HTP. Struggling with work....memory, concentration and daily responsibilities. Struggling with relationships because Im so tired and worrying about work......stress and anxiety increasing.

I swear my gp thinks it's just depression.

I feel like no one understands and they just think I'm a miserable moaning burden.


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