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Steamer for getting creases out of clothes

Hi All,

I was hoping someone may be able to help. I was at a hospital fibro group meeting and someone said they don't iron anymore, they use a hand held steamer, which is brilliant! I never thought to get the make, well I've looked on and there seems to be much confusion and different types and the price varies immensely. Does anyone use one, if so is it good, what make is it.

Thank you for reading this message and trust you are not in too much pain. Gentle Hugs to you all x

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Yes indeed there are aome good ones around - if you would like to PM I will give you info about them :-)

Foggy x

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I used to be the manageress of a Charity shop and the industrial one we used was amazing. Fibro fog has stolen the name of it from me though :-(


Hi Lizzyear

I do not use one myself, but I have heard that they are really good. I can imagine (like with most things in life) that you only get what you pay for? So the more you pay the better it probably is?

I quite often do not have to iron at all, as my tumble dryer has a ready to wear setting and I can take the washing straight out of the dryer and put it away! That's really good for me! (very lazy).

I sincerely hope that you can find what you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I am the same, iron rarely :) tumble dry, fold and leave away :)

Hubby reckons I should just use the iron for my own wrinkles :o so as to give the iron a purpose :)

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Me too, I'd be lost without my tumble dryer, hugs Linda x


It would be perfect with the exception of the electric bill :D


Hi all

I too have not ironed in the last year.. Way to exhausting on the body and mind .

I tumble dry and have wash n wear on my dryer.

I do use the steamer and mine is called the TOBI it is great and not to expensive.hope this helps.

Hope you are all as well as you can be.



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I moved home and country in February 2014 and did not bring an iron with me I have not felt the lack of one once in that time. I am careful how I dry things.

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I haven't ironed in years ......

Tumble or hanging clothes on hangers in the bathroom is the answer for me :-) ...... and consider buying non-iron items whenever replacing ....

Oh - and if I really need to iron items I save them up and pay a local ironing service - about £5 for an Ikea bag full - well worth it in my opinion ( as I only have half a bag once every couple of months) - particularly since my latest brain issue.

Who invented ironing anyway ?? :-)


I was once employed at a laundry and often did the ironing when ironing lady was absent, mostly dress shirts and church robes.

Knowing the easiest and quickest way made a big difference and i always found it relaxing.

Now just ironing an occasional shirt for my son is agony.

Creased t shirts ect go into the tumble dryer, Shirts are all hanging up in the bathroom.

I bought a hand held steamer last week and have been waiting for a good day to try it out on the shirts.

I will give it a try today and let you know how i get on.



I have a really old one, but in its prime it was very good. Even took wallpaper of the walls. It has not long gone to its maker, who unfortunately I can't remember :)

If it just for steaming clothes I think nearly any of them would do :)


I only iron when absolutely necessary. I just tumble dry and hang. I think QVC sell what you are looking for though, and they are reported as being very good. Good luck in your search,


It just shows how we're all different. I find ironing eases my fibro. For me its gentle excersise that works.

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Hi, Luckly I'm in the position I can send my ironing away to get done it costs roughly about £22 for 40 items, needless to say I put all the shirts and things like that in as I hate ironing them. I only send it every couple weeks, like others I tumble dry and fold and put away the things that don't need ironing.

Granny crochet


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