out of the mouths of babes

Hello all,

I thought i might share this with you with the hope to raise a smile as it did with me. Last night my daughter brought home a book she'd borrowed on Fibro to learn a bit more about it,it was still sitting on the table this morning when my 8yr son picked it up and started to have a look through. a bit later he said, "I know why you're so tired mum, it's your fattygoo" Fattygoo? well I know I've put on a few pounds lately but that seemed a bit much. "yea!" he said it says here you suffer from fattygoo" intrigued I had to look Bless him! him it said Fatigue. It did make me chuckle. Hope it will you too. Love and hugs xx

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  • Oh bless him, that's brilliant lol. He did ok with a hard word! :)

    Certainly did make me chuckle, thanks for that.

    Love and hugs Sue xxx

  • Lol! Lovely...... x

  • thats gonna be my new word, lol xxx

  • Well thats very apt in my case, I suffer from both fattygoo and fatigue!! xx

  • Me too. I've been going around saying I can't help it I've got fattygoo. LOL! x

  • haha :) it makes perfect sense lol ,that put a smile on my face thanks xxxxx

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