Mother in law is out of hospital

My mother inlaw is out of hospital now, so thankgod for that. I dont mean to be selfish, but all the stress and worry was just too much for me to handle. Visiting at the hospital and the constant phonecalls checking how she is and trying to organise between the three of us whos visiting when. It was all too much for me and sent me into fibro hell.

So now hopefully i will be able to get back to normal, fingers crossed and this pain can do one. (that might be wishful thinking lol).

This is why i have been quite all week but now i am back with you all. :)

hugs, kel xxxx

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  • thats good news kel , :)

    glad you back hun hugs to you xxx

  • Thankyou lynz, hugs back xxxxx

  • it ok when a relative is in hospital it is\a constant round of calls/visitsetc you practically live ther and cost a fortune in fuel etc they cant help it and we all do it but know whayt you mean love diddle x

  • Thankyou diddle, i am so glad she is on the mend and hopefully me too. :) xxxxxxx

  • Bless ya glad she is home, a little less pressure. Take care of yourself Lou x

  • Thankyou lou xxxxxx

  • Hiya Kel, glad she is home and hope she is okay. Agree about hospital visiting, its so tiring and takes a lot out of you at the best of times but even worse with Fibro.

    Hopefully now you can relax a bit and hopefully destress a little. Take care, Angela xx

  • Thankyou angela, i am just glad i can take it easy now and hopefully look after her. xxxxxxx

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