Getting a re-assessment for my wheelchair!

Just rang my local wheelchair service and explained that when I'm pushing myself in my wheelchair that I'm getting a lot of back pain :(

Too maybe see if I can get a back support. I would if they might suggest a different type of wheelchair? What do you think?

As I don't no if they would give me an electric one as I don't use my chair all the time?! Hmm. As I THINK not 100% sure on this but I think they only give electric wheelchairs out when people can't walk at all. If I'm honest I'm really struggling when I'm out of my own and pushing myself.

Yesterday I had to keep getting out of mu chair to get up and down curbs as I was scared I would tip myself out my chair. Do you think I should mention that to wheelchair services when I see them??

As I think if people see me getting out of my chair to lift my wheelchair up a curb they will think I'm just using it for using it if you no what I mean using my chair for fun not cause I need it. :/


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  • There are manual chairs with some power assistance, a starting point for research is Alber E-Motion other makes are available which can modify your existing chair for your needs.

  • When I first took my wife to ''Rehabilitation'' at the hospital to enquire about a wheelchair as she has MS, the lady told us that electric wheelchairs on the NHS are like gold dust! I think it is the sheer cost compared to their budgets. So we ended up buying one ourselves as she really needed it.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • my friend you need power chair puma 40 would great you it go up get tin of top in shop go back to rest have a look on you tune you see how good to is or storm 4 is good chair there help you get to the lady shop or wear you need to be Michael

  • On YouTube? I will have alook thanks xx

  • hope you have lot fun on your new power chair like I do have lot luck x

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