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Has anyone taken the Mindfulness online course, I am interested in the mindfulness

way of helping with my Anxiety and Fibromyalgia, for relaxation,

It has quite a lot of Testimonials saying how helpful it was, and you can do it in your own time

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no, but I am very interested in trying this also - did you find it as part of the Big White Wall? I am trying meditation as a therapy also, good luck, s x

Fluffymare in reply to Hidden

Hi Sunnygirl2

I found it flicking around the net looking for ways of relaxation for my anxiety and fibro.

It is called be

It is ten easy to follow sessions with videos and interactive exercises led by two of the UK's leading Minfulness Trainers, Ed Halliwell and Tessa Watt.

There is a charge of £60, you can do it it 4 weeks or take your own time to do it.

My Son asked me what I wanted for Christmas, think I will go for this.



Shazzzy in reply to Fluffymare

Hi fluffymare, i am sure this is availble free of charge on the internet as you can do it through nhs. Please check before your son parts with his money !


Hi fluffymare :)

No I haven't but relaxation is key to helping us fight the symptoms in my opinion so trying it could be good.

However, I must say to be careful when buying such things on-line as there is no way of knowing if they are credible or crooks :o

Be thorough with your research first and check with your GP first............ they may be able to refer you for something like it without you forking out all those pennies!!

Have you checked your local MIND centre to see what groups they have running? You would get to meet other people too and be able to share like we do here :) Where I am they have all kinds of activity groups from stop smoking, water colour painting to even massage facility, it's quite a fantastic place really :)

Link to MIND main webpage:

Good luck and hope you find the treatment you're looking for without spending too many of those pennies:)

Wishing you wellness and sending Fleecy fluffies for the festivities :)

xxx sian :)

Hi Sian

I think this Mindfullness course is above board, because Mark Williams, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Oxford University, and Director Oxford Minfulness Centre. Gave a talk about how stressed people are today, and there are not enough trained Mindfullness

Teachers to meet the demand, therefore mindfulness courses online would benefit many people.

My GP referred me to Mental Health Services and it took a month for a CPN to come to see me and another 2months to see a Psychiatrist, and was sent to a Stop and Think Group which was a dismal failure through people dropping out only did 8 weeks out of 12,

My Mind centre is too far away from where I live, and at the moment my time is used caring for my husband who had a stroke in August, he now has been diagnosed with Diabetes and Vascular Dementia, so a online course would suit me,

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a well New Year

Pat xx

Hidden in reply to Fluffymare

Sounds like you have done the background work Pat :)

Sorry to hear the group didn't work out that must have been quite disppointing for you and it's a shame the centre is so far away from you to get too.

Please let me know how the course goes as I am curious to hear about it :)

Huge fleecy fluffie hugs for you and Hubby

xxx sian :)


I have just finished an 8 week course of mindfullness through NHS pain clinic and found it to be most helpful. It doesnt stop the pain but it does relax me and help me accept it. I will continue with what I learnt there and I am also going to get a CD called Mindfulness which I have seen on Amazon to help me learn more. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


this is all really helpful and informative - thanks guys, xx

Hi Fuffymare

I have not taken the full course but I have undertaken mindfulness at my wife's MS awareness group. It was very relaxing and very peaceful. I would recommend anyone to give it a go! I also want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

Al my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi fluffymare I can fully recommend this. They use this in the NHS. It does take a lot of work and commitment. I believe the younger you are when this is done the better outcome because for me I am finding it hard to break old, bad habits. If I had been ghjiven this knowledge when I was younger I am positive that I wouldn't be In the position I am now. Good luck :o) x

I agree with you, I am 78 and had GAD since my teens, and fibro since mupy 30's

Wish I had done something about my anxiety years ago, but when you went to the Dr's they just gave you a tonic, and mental illness was viewed differently than today.

I managed to control both with Citalopram for 10 years then 18 months ago it stopped working and anxiety came back with a veneance which has made the fibo worse, referred to Psychiatrist , tried several antidepressant, bad side effects, no benefits, now trying Venlafaxine for last 18 days for depression and GAD no results as yet.

Husband had stroke in August, made things even worse, and now at witts end to find something to help me relax, are you ever too old to try mindfulness?


You are never to old to try anything for a better life :o) xx


Hi! I've done some research on mindfulness in relation to relieving anxiety and pain but have only just started. The main reason I've become interested in trying it is because of the science behind it.

At first it was hard for me to get past the whole 'woo-woo' idea of meditation, but after reading the November issue of Scientific American Mind magazine, and seeing the preliminary evidence being followed up in neuroscience, I figured I'd give it a try.

A good article to start with if you're interested in the research:

Also, I tried the mindfulness courses mentioned above, but I found the website below to be more my style. Mainly because the guys voice is so relaxing and I'm a sucker for good web design. You get 10 free videos/sessions and then from there you can opt to do more by paying monthly or yearly.

I am currently doing a mindfulness course through

I can thoroughly recommend it - it has helped me to be far more relaxed. The first ten sessions of guided meditation (10 minutes per session) are free and then if you find it helps, you can sign up for more for about £5 a month. You can then choose where you want to go with it in that you can opt for help with sleep, creativity etc. I can't recommend it highly enough.

All doing by downloading the sessions - I listen to it on my Kindle Fire.

Good luck with this - hope that it helps you.

with kind regards.

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