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Has anyone seen Jonatham Kuttner on you tube, explaining how Fibromyalgia is caused,

very interesting and in 8bparts.

One if the best Programmes I gave seen on the subject.

Would do GP's good to watch it, as some are only interested in giving out meds, and saying they do not know what causes it.

I wish I could be seen by him, but he is in New Zealand. Bad luck,

The Americans certainly seen to know more about it then here in Gt.Britain, wish they would find something to treat it, instead of being offered meds that are other things.



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Interestingly has a touch of memory fog during one of the episodes - a what were we talking about moment so familiar the audience felt real empathy :-)

Fluffymare in reply to Ian123

Yes I agree, but he did explain it well don't you think, what did you think about it.

Dr's here are more interested in pushing meds than looking into your blood Tests, as long as they are in range, all is ok.

I have been told by members on this forum that certain elements of my blood tests are either too high or too low, have spoken to my Dr who laughed and said my results were fine, asked him whether I needed suppkements he said no, I find it all very confusing, but what to do?

Very confused.


Ian123 in reply to Fluffymare

The explanations made sense of some of the symptoms which is more use than the go away and get on with it approach common in the medical community.

On Supplements it's an individual thing where some find they help and others cannot tolerate them, try and see with you as the guinea pig for personalized treatment (small amounts and see if there is any reaction before adding any more) finding what if anything works in your case.


I came across these videos when I was first diagnosed and they helped me to understand a lot of things.

Thanks for bringing it up because i had not seen No8 I dont think that it had been recorded then.

Hugs sue xx

I found them really interesting, certainly explained a lot of things in an easy to understand way.



Thank you so much for that they were quite interesting. I had not heard of him before. There really is a lot of good research going on in the States, sadly it takes a while to catch on here?

Take care

Ken x

Fluffymare in reply to TheAuthor

I think he ails from Auckland, New Zealand, he is a Doctor, but now specialises in Trigger Point Therapy, I have down loaded a few of his methods on how to release your Trigger Points. could do with a few of mine being released, but it is difficult finding the right Therapist.

Glad to hear your move went smoothly,

Best Wishes,


Thank you for the links, the videos are interesting! A lot of what he says reinforces my own view but he does explain things in a really straightforward way. I particularly like the way he talks about the diagnostic overlap between fibro, chronic fatigue and depression and how diagnosis depends upon which professional is doing the diagnosis and which particular symptom the patient is stressing most at the time. The difficulty is often that once a diagnosis has been made (particularly if it depression) then it is difficult to get medics to give a different one. I like the way Kuttner explains the interaction between all the different symptoms, it's very much what my own consultant said and validated what I thought.

Hi I will take a look at it as my doctor is the same just meds and has no idea how to deal with it. How he expects me to know I've no idea as he's the doc and thanks for the info.


hmmmm I will give this a look - thanks

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