i was told i have fibro 2 yrs ago it has taken my life i was unable work within a year at 2.5 yrs it has cause me to walk with a limp i have pain all over my body the worst i think is the chest pain but doctors act as the pain is not bad but they dont have to live it everyday i wake up it never in the same place and i ask myself im i going to make it another day im take the fibro med (lyrica,cimbalta,anitrpitalen) they dont work all the way and walking for is very painfull i do what i can im now looking for other ways to manage pain and yes all that is fibro is pack in to this 5 foot 3 inch body being a man it is even harder to convence doctors of the pain

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  • Hi usaredneck

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I have pasted you a link to our mother site FMA UK which hosts loads of useful Fibro information:

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • thank you sir im just trying find out more info on fibro as we with this pain it is brought on by trauma mine yrs of abuse and the straw that broke was having 110 volts run through body for close to minute me and wife beleve this is what got it going and thank you for the link

  • Please take care of yourself my friend and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

  • Hi usaredneck,

    You are not alone, I could have wrote your post, as many of us could on here. That doesn't take away any of your suffering, and I am so sorry to learn of it. Life is very hard with fibro and most people I meet do not understand how badly it affects me or how it is all encompassing. I too find it impossible to convince doctors of how much pain I am in etc.

    I hope you will continue to post and find support on here.

    Best wishes,


  • nikki thank you so much for your reply and if your post is like mine im so sorry for your pain i can only hope that you stick around and keep moving forward

    thanks again

  • I completely understand cuz I have it too . Nobody takes it seriously even I thought the pain would be mild like it was in the beginning but now after almost 1.5/2 years it's becoming Intolerable . I am not a huge fan of taking these medicines that are prescribed for fibro . They are all either anti epileptics or anti depressants with a lot of side effects . I am gonna try aerobics ... It's said aerobics and yoga improves your condition more then these medicines .

    Please let me know of anything other then medicines that has helped you release pain even for a day or few hours . Any exercise or physiotherapy maybe ? Looking for answers . And like you mentioned doctors don't take this disease seriously which is really sad so talking to someone who actually understands how bad the pain can be is somewhat relieving !!!!

  • thanks zeee and i wil do just that im trying thing now we will see last test went well will try again to see if it works as it did last time dont lose hope we all need to stand together

    thank see you around

  • Look into treatment with LDN and T3

  • soory not sure what those are and i will look into those things thanks ging

  • Google fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism.

  • Swimming is good exercise as you can pace yourself, the water supports you and you can balance which bits of you are being loaded (eg you can lead with your arms, legs or use both).

    It's worth a try if you have a public pool nearby.

    I also like floatation sessions, but they are expensive.

  • thanks mad scientist but i sink like i dont even skip cant float lol so any movement even eat dinner is hand numbing and painful time any movement even walking my dogs a few times day is painful at night

    thanks though

  • I agree mad scientist about swimming.

    I go as often as I can five times a week maximum.

    I am unable to walk without intense pain in feet.

    Also I get on my exersise bike .. I still suffer pain

    But I know that I also feel stronger mentally and physically

    Stronger to fight this nasty Fibro ..

    Eat the best that you can fruit vegetables protien. You will be proud

    That you are doing all that you can for yourself....I Do!

    I also take tramadol for pain. Take

  • bertiedette i wish all that work for me including the tramadol for my pain and we have tried few and we just keep trying

    thank you and i hope to chat again and let you know if i find something that works

  • Yep fibro is a sod to put it mildly. Iam the very same as you. Ive also got chronic fatigue which sometimes come with fibro and other things too. Just take one day at a time and dont push ya self too hard... i take tramadol and morphine for mine n still in a lot of pain... Try and take it easy n dont stress as that will add to your pain. Gentle hugs . There is also a brilliant forum on facebook too xx

  • iim so sorry to hear that my doctors dont and wont give me pain medication so what i take relives about 40 % of my pain as long i dont move and must suffer with the rest the cfs ibs suck i deal with every day along with pain you do the same and keep moving forward one baby step at a time

  • Welcome to the forum. Hve you asked whether you could br referred for hydrotherapy as the water in the pool is wonderfully relaxing and the physio in charge can show you exercises that you might then be able to do in the swimming baths.

    Many have also found that a long soak in a warm bath that you have added epsom salts to at leasr two good handfuls can help relax the muscles and ease the pain it is especially beneficial just before going to bed.

    Do hope you can find something to help.x

  • tub ok pool no i sink like stone but i will try the tub and i hope we all find something that work stay strong

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