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Sleeping while 7 year old still awake and memory loss

Hi I am a single mum with a 7 year old I have recently had one of the worst flare up, my son came back from his dads around 4 I had taken 2 amitripaline because I thought it would help make me sleep and that was 4-5 hours before I remember him coming home but nothing after till 9.30 ish. My son said I was sleep talking and decided to stay up playing computer games, i am really worried because when he was 3 this happened he went to bed and then I did shortly after next minute 2 days later I woke up in hospital really not sure what to do xcx

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First sorry to hear your feeling so bad that your doubling up on Amitriptyline.

I would be very cautious about doubling up on that drug without the consent of your Dr it is a major drug and has many modes of action and effects many systems in the body in very complex ways.

Being in so much pain myself I fully understand your frustration, I think you should make an appointment to get your medication reviewed ASAP.

I would explain having take twice the normal dose because you were in so much pain and ask for the Dr's advise as to what you can safely do in a situation like that.

They can perhaps work something out by prescribing a medication where you can take a certain amount if needed. Also consider asking for referral you to a pain management clinic.

I would like to think your situation would probably be looked upon with compassion but I am no expert in the field of child care. I do however know all to well just how desperate the pain can be I have been at my wits end at times.

Best Wishes, Ray


Hi I've got to agree with Ray NEVER double up on Amitriptyllin it is a very dangerous drug and aside the effects of knocking you out, it can give suicidal thoughts and hallucinations. My GP told me to take and extra 25mg during the day to help but I refused so he gave me 10mg tabs. I also take dehydrocodeine and paracetamol which help.


Hi trace37

Welcome to the forum, and I genuinely hope that you find it useful, informative and loads of fun! I have pasted you a link below to our mother site, FibroAction which is packed with useful Fibro information:


I can imagine that you are so worried about what has happened? And I would recommend that you visit your GP and discuss other / extra medication for your Fibro rather than doubling up on Amitriptyline which is not a good thing to do? There are plenty of alternative medications that do not contain a sedative element that you could have if your GP is willing to prescribe them to you?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Try and use the amatryptaline at night only not when you know your son needs you!.


The norepinephrine re uptake inhibition of Amitriptyline is what provides a lot of the help with pain. Try switching to effexor or celexa. They work on norepinephrine without the antihistamine properties of Amitriptyline that make you sleepy. Never take more Amitriptyline than prescribed. It can cause arrhythmias. Gabapentin is another drug that works well on neuropathic pain and it's cheap. Pregabalin is a similar drug but much more expensive.


Oh and topiramate which is an anti seizure medication is also good at controlling neuropathic pain AND helps with weight loss if that's of interest to you.


Hi, just wanted to comment because I too have a seven year old and know how difficult it is to cope with pain and fatigue. I have just doubled my amitriptyline to see if it helps and I am sleeping better at the moment. I was told to take it a few hours before bedtime as it takes a couple of hours the makes you very sleepy.

I agree with the comments others have made, take it at 7 o'clock ish and I would'nt double the dosage without first consulting the GP. It is very different to a normal painkiller like paracetamol when you take it then feel OK, it takes a long time to get into your system.

I hope you are feeling ok today. I find it difficult to ask for help in case people think I can't cope. I am going to use the after school club because I can't do the school run at the moment. Xx


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