Well that's it for me now!!!!!! After a lovely time with our son, who I may say, drove 6hrs to surprise us, I can't sleep yet again, not because of the surprise visit, but the pain. I don't know if the itching that goes with it is because of the medication, another question for the Dr, bit it was great to see my son as we have such a close bond and have had since he was born. His partner is lovely as is his partner, so I am a lucky lady. Well folks I hope you all have as much of a pain free day as possible . Gentle hugs. Izzy x

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are in so much pain and I sincerely hope that it eases for you soon. I am delighted however that you had a wonderful time with your son. Please take care of yourself. I sincerely hope that you manage to get some sleep.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi I hope you got some sleep , I am still awake brain is buzzing and I can't switch it off I have tried 😞

    I had such hope earlier but I can't so have stopped trying .



  • I know the itching under skin isn't medication well in my case as I don't take pain meds unless I cannot move then it's paracetamol. I use relaxation and teeth gritting as I'm allergic to some pain meds n have had that ballooning can't breath experience n don't want to risk it again, it's so much worse than pain lol. I would say it's a symptom of the fibro hunny xxxxx

  • Hi u night owls lime me, i cant sleep either, a little nap here n there if im lucky. Sleeping meds dont work for sm reason, i also try not to take too many meds as with th side effects u neva no is it th illness or th side effects, smtimes th side effects make us worse. I do try n cope without. Im up most everynite so if u get bored just send me a txt. X

  • Well it's know nearly 8.30 and I have been awake all night ,and I am going to get up in a bit so I can try and get my bits and pieces done for Christmas

    Hugs I hope you got some sleep


  • Hi Izzy, sorry your not sleeping, can't help with the itching either. I hope you are able to relax soon and get some decent sleep.

    Take Care.x

  • So pleased to hear that you had a wonderful time with your son Izzy.

    When my pain/soreness/aching is bad I also get very bad itching (no rash or sign of it the following day). I read some time ago that the itching is connected to those extra sensitive pain receptors firing off.

    have a good day :-)


  • I also suffer with itching mainly on arms and legs especially when I get warm as I also drip with sweat at night in bed . i have heredity cirrhosis and fibromyalgia as well as a couple of other ailments for good measure. I have found that calamine lotion applied to the itch area helps calm it. I hope it works for you. Hope you at least have a couple of good days over the Christmas season. All good wishes. Ingrid x

  • A big thank you to everyone, it is good to know there are such lovely people in this forum. I send you all gentle hugs and best wishes. Izzy xx

  • sorry to hear your not sleeping its so frustrating when you get nights like that, i get ti itching too feels like something is crawling on the inside, i scratched my legs and arms to bits, i have found e45 extra moisturising cream helps, i keep mine on the window seal this time of year so it stays cool the relief is lovely, hope you get the sleep and the itching stops for you


  • Thank you, I use E45 itch relief, it is the time it takes to work that I do the damage. It always seems to be at night the itching starts, I have tried sleeping with less bedding or my legs hanging out, I wish you an itch free Christmas and new year. Izzy x

  • I'm itching like mad to drives me crazy and always worst when trying to sleep x

  • Evening Sleep. The itching point you mention I had the same problem when taking a morphine based pill - Oramorph so had to stop taking it. the itch would wake me up during the night. No rashes just itching which made me scratch...all over my body. Maybe you arent taking this kind of pain relief ...... hope you can get something. I have not been prescribed any painkiller which helps my osteoarthritis so suffer in silence.

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