looking after my grandaughter x

for the past 2 days and nights i have been looking after my 2 year old grandaughter so her mum n dad can go to work it has been brilliant having her here, she keeps my mind of things that is until she goes to bed then i am in so much pain and im shattered all day, i keep putting on a brave face in front of everyone but i feel as though i could sleep for ever and when i go to bed i cant sleep, to make matters worse i have had a really upset tummy for the past 2 weeks everything i eat or drink is running through me but the doctor wont give me anything for it as i usually only go to toilet about once a month so he doesnt want to block me up again, i really dont want to have to stop looking after her as she is my world and i love having her here xx

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  • aww sparky im sorry ur in a lot of pain and we all know the what it is like when your tired and cant sleep.the other day i fell a sleep and had a good few hrs and my son found it hard to wake me up,he was very worried cos as he pointed he`s use to me not sleeping.i normally av bout 2- 4 hrs and thats with me waking up in between.i was told it was my body that was tired and it shut down to rest.i havnt sleep like that for bout 20yrs.i hope its not another 20yrs lol...i feel sure there must be something the doc could have give you that wouldnt av blocked you up.you poor lv you must be so uncomfortable.i hope you dont have to stop looking after your little angel cos she brings so much to your life(i have a grandson so i no how you feel).you will be in my prayers to nite as as everyone else is(dont think it dose much good but maybe one day the big boss will listen to us)thats if there is a big boss...god dont i prattle on...sorry lv.i hope you start to feel well soon,well as well as you can be,lots of lv and warmfluffy hugs fm me...p.s here are some smiles for you :) :) :) you can use them later if you want cos they dont have sell-by-dates xx

  • you must have needed the sleep, they say its your bodys way of trying to repair itself, pmsl they would need to put me to sleep for rest of my life to sort it, i hope its not too long before you get another good sleep, iv tried taking sleeping tablets but they dont work i sleep for an hour or 2 then im up down all night and feel really groggy in morning so not worth it, if ur anything like me it doesnt atter how horrible u feel a soon as u see your grandson or think about him u cant help but smile, my daughters in bulgara just now and has had a her phone stolen and her room ransacked so worrying about her just now also, i cant wait till tuesday till shes home safe and sound. thank you very much for the smiles when i seen them i did smile,, well need to go get aimee ready and try going to shops as need to collect a prescription, {{{{{{{ fluffy hugs }}}}}}} back to you and also :-) :-) <3 back at you xx

  • ahhhh Sparky I know exactly how you are feeling, My 9month old grandson has just been picked up by his daddy from work and I am exhausted! I dread to think how bad it will be when he's toddling around :-( I too am in the same position as you, I'm finding looking after him difficult but I love him to bits and dont want to stop. I did speak to my daughter before the child minding started and told her that it has to be in moderation, I think two days AND nights would be too much for anyone with Fybromyalgia, Ive insisted that THEY manage their work/time so that I only have odd overnights here and there and certainly not two nights together. Maybe you should have a chat with them and let them know that its a little too much having her for that length of time in one stretch? I'm sure they would understand. Hope you can reach a happy medium between you all...Im going for a lie down now....before he's back tomorrow! :-) xx

  • hi kasha, my daughter in law just started her wee job the other day and my sons shifts had all ready been set, i spoke to them today when they came to collect her and explained that they would have to sort my sons shifts round his girlfriends, i usually watch aimee on a tuesday night for a few hours and a sunday i take her nearly all day and even this takes it out me, but i wouldnt have it any other way, the only thing is when she comes here she never wants to go home and gets really upset which upsets me lol, but once shes in the house shes fine, my partner said to me earlier yous have a really strong bond and if ppl didnt know she was your grandaughter then they would think your her mum cause we so close, thinking of her every day is what makes me get out of bed and do things, lol i know it sounds daft but shes my rock, i love her to bits xx

  • I know exactly what you mean, I never thought I could love anyone as much as I love my only daughter then my grandson came along :-) I love having him...It just wears me out, Ive just had a 2 hour sleep in the chair!! lol It just makes me sad that I can't be how I used to be and do more with him...oh well I suppose we have to count our blessings and grandchildren really are a blessing. xxx

  • i know what u mean about loving another person the way do your own kids, i think having them there is what helps with the moods and such, i refuse to give into my fibro and athritis as i see what it has done to my mum cause she lay dwn to it, and i dont want to be like that, it is hard but i just think of my kids, grandaughter and partner and thats what keeps me going, the nly good thing is ue grandson never really had the chance to see u when u were well so what u do with him now just seems normal to him and thats why he loves you for all the things u do do with and for him xx

  • I too have arthritis and fibro I have a 8 year old girl she always wants my attention which is hard to give her when I'm in pain or just so tired ..she's on her own so gets bored .noone else is here to look after or play with her ..why is God so cruel ..I try and explain to her I can't always do the normal stuff like mums do . she's getting to understand my illnesses now, so she's being more helpful but I won't have her labeled as my carer it is the other way round...

  • Hi Sparky

    I have my grandaugther who is Sophie who is nearly four every tuesday and love having her as she makes me smile. I have been looking after her since she was a baby on a Tuesday. I also had my other granddaugther Molly four days a week when she was 5 months old. I have had both girls overnight before and even my youngest granddaugther who is 15 months before overnight. I have found that I can't do the overnights anymore as it takes too much out of me. I have had to be really selfish and tell my children I can't do it overnight anymore. I did feel guilty but there are times when we just have to think about ourselves.

    I know what it likes when you don't get your sleep. It is really hard then looking after them the next day.

  • hi squires, u dont realise how much hard work it is looking after them till they have gone and u sit down and then the pain and the sleepyness reall kicks u in the butt, as u say u do feel guilty, but if u do too much u loose out in the long run as it takes longer n longer to feel well enough to take them again thats why u need to do it in moderation, soft hugs xx

  • I know how you feel , with a 4 and a 5 year old granddaughter who are lovely pickles, looking after them for a day, it takes me 2 days of doing nothing to recover,my sleeping is very bad because of pain, but have told my daughter that , I don't mind occasionly looking after them , but my health is important, and that for me to look after them while shes at work is a no no.,She knows how much I love them, and how much they love me, my daughter is very understanding , so love them dearly for that.

  • its good that ur daughter understands this as i have read on here that a lot of peoples familys think its all in their heads, u seem to be one of the lucky ones like me that have a family that understands and realises ur health is important also soft hugs xx

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